A Career in Banking

In a developmental economy, the importance associated with a career in banking can never be put to question. As several surveys, both independent and Government sponsored, have pointed out, banking is one of the most sought after careers among the youth of India. It is definitely not because people find the job more interesting or… Read more »


Real Estate and Consumer Protection

The Real Estate Industry is one of the most important and profit-centric industries in the country. It is that aspect of Indian economy which is indeed driving the economic growth of our country at a ever-growing rate. One of the fastest growing markets of the world today, Real estate Industry has come a long way… Read more »


Let’s Talk About Physiotheraphy

Be it spinal injuries or neurological disorders, sports injuries or cerebral palsy, musculoskeletal problems or paralysis, physiotherapy, since the days of its inception, has done wonders. With a vast plethora of techniques, the science of physiotherapy has proved to be a miraculous discovery in the world of medicine. Techniques like muscle stretching, joint movement and… Read more »


Perfect Use of Gyms

Exercising is one of the most important aspects of life today, because being productive at work and your state of mental well being all depend on the well being and fitness of your body. In an age of technology (which some regard as an evil) where teenagers as young as 15 have started suffering from… Read more »


The Art of Flooring Tiles

Interesting as it may seem, an old Irish proverb says,” Judge the person by the floor he walks on.” Although humanists can never agree with something like that, one might see the sense by interpreting it in a figurative manner. In today’s world, floors can both enhance and kill the aesthetic effect of your house…. Read more »


Talking about UPSC

  As far as the Civil Services Examination of the UPSC is concerned, candidates and experts have been unanimous on one fact: it is one of the toughest examinations conducted in any country. Maybe that is precisely why the candidates who crack the examination make the best and most efficient administrators. However, cracking the Civil… Read more »


A Note for Medical Aspirants

India is a country where the word ‘doctor’ is treated as a synonym to the Almighty. Consequently, it is nothing unusual that medicine is one of the most lucrative and popular careers among Indian youth. In total, India boasts of a total number of 412 medical colleges with a comprehensive capacity to train 52,765 Indian… Read more »


The CLAT Key

This is a fact undeniable that a career in law is one of the most universally respected professions in India. And why should such a profession not be revered? The skills that a lawyer has to manifest form an unending list: oratory, research, analysis, counter- analysis, writing and what not. Maybe that is one of… Read more »


The Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Nobody today needs an introduction to programming. Every app we use, every game we play or every website we visit, it is the task of a programmer. So just in case you wish to thank someone after making a high score in a game or transferring money safely to someone you care about, you know… Read more »

Reasons You Must Learn Public Speaking

Adolf Hitler once very accurately said,” The success of all great revolutions should be accredited to great orators and not great writers.” Although he is not the best of examples, his oratory skills were the sole reason for the temporary success of the National Socialist revolution. Abraham Lincoln, without his Gettysburg Address, would never be… Read more »

  • Playschool

    Choosing the correct playschool for your child

    In the early years a child is like a piece of dry sponge having the capacity to absorb and learn almost anything from the surroundings. The things that the child learns can be good or bad for them in the long run. The early years can have a really big effect on moulding the minds… Read more »

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    TRAI’s 512 Kbps Minimum Speed Directive: Life in the Slow Lane

    After a lot of wait, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has finally decided to have broadband internet service providers offer a minimum broadband speed of 512 kbps from the earlier 256 kbps. A 100% increase in minimum broadband speeds. It might seem impressive but it pales when we look at the broadband speeds offered… Read more »

  • Making Your Leather Shoe Last Longer

    For a lot of people, leather shoes are like a white elephant. they cost a lot more than normal shoes, they require regular maintenance,they can get damaged fast and worst of all you can’t use them often. But despite all of these things we go for leather shoes for one very simple reason,no other shoe… Read more »

  • chilled-alkaline-battery

    True or False: Keeping battery in the fridge doubles its Lifespan

    A lot of people say that putting your batteries inside a fridge for some time before you use it helps double the lifespan of  your battery. So is this true? Or is it one of seeming useful but utterly useless life hack? Before finding out whether this works or not we need to first know the… Read more »

  • The Different Methods to Study a Language

    The VARK Model of learning which was developed by Neil Fleming in 1987 talks about four different kinds of learners namely: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinesthetic. Each group of learners takes inputs in a different manner. The visual learners learn by visualising the relationship between ideas. Auditory Learning prefers to hear info rather than reading it… Read more »

  • Woman during job interview and four elegant members of management; Shutterstock ID 370947476; PO: angelikiJ-for robin kawakami

    Tips to Impress your Employer During Your Interview

    The first impression is the best impression. You can agree or disagree with the above statement but no one would disagree that during an interview when you don’t have a lot of time, the impression you make might as well impact the final result. So it makes sense for any candidate to prepare thoroughly before… Read more »

  • Screenshot_20160927184319

    Adding Deals & Offers through the QuickSearch App

    We at QuickSearch have added a new feature recently called Deals through which any business or service can add any deal/offer that they want to advertise, whenever and wherever they want. It is pretty simple to add a deal on our app. Just follow the steps given below. But before that, in case you are yet… Read more »

  • 2

    Claiming and Editing your Business through the QuickSearch App

    Want to edit and claim your business on QuickSearch? Well, it is quite simple using the QuickSearch app. Just follow the steps given below in order to complete the process. But before we start, make sure that you have downloaded the QuickSearch App from playstore. After installing the app, it is ideal that you sign… Read more »

  • bank-exams

    Aspirants need to look at this guidelines for cracking bank exams

    Now-a-days every student is aspiring to get into public sector banks than the private sector.Bank exams are now on their way to become a part of many students aspirations. In India bank exams are conducted by bodies like IBPS(Indian banking personnel selection), State Bank of India (SBI) and many others across many fields. They  offer… Read more »

  • Dubai-Restaurants-Directory-Yellow-Pages-Dubai-UAE

    Starting a Restaurant-Then check out these quick snippets

    Owing a restaurant is a great job which gives us lot of experience from many customers visiting our restaurant.But there we face few problems regarding the administration,management,coordination between ourselves and co-workers etc.So,opening a restaurant is not a simple task.You have to manage many duties,responsibilities like advertisement,supply,product management etc.So,sometimes these things can be upsetting and overwhelming…. Read more »