7 Dumbbell Exercises that will make you Strong!!!

A dumbbell is an equipment used in the weight training. It is a type of free weight and you can use it singly or in pairs. It can be used for weight loss purposes, bodybuilding or simply for building biceps and getting stronger. If you want to get stronger or simply achiever cardiovascular fitness by… Read more »

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Courses Alternative to Engineering for PCM students after Class XII

It is that time of the year when class 12th pass outs decide upon one of the most important choices in their life. It is the time of college admissions. While for some it is all about getting into the engineering or medical streams, when it comes to it, there are many other professional courses… Read more »


What should you look for while buying clothes?

There is no doubt that Clothes are like oxygen! It is inevitable for our existence and something impossible to live without. Wearing good clothes is even more important as your clothes give the first impression about your demeanour. It is your clothes which set the preconception and prejudices in the minds of others. You might… Read more »


What should you opt for after Class 12th?

When you are young and someone asks you the question “What do you want to become?”, You happily answer a teacher, a Pilot, a superhero or a Princess!”. Everyone laughs out loud and you feel proud of your answer and somehow you are sure that you are going to be what you dream about now…. Read more »


Boost Your Career: CCNA and CCNP

The world is turning more and more competitive, and with every passing day, the rat race for jobs in this economic setup is growing more and more intense. In this setup, the more qualified one is the more chances he has of getting the desirable jobs. Consequently, certificate courses of various sorts: foreign language, programming,… Read more »


A Career in Banking

In a developmental economy, the importance associated with a career in banking can never be put to question. As several surveys, both independent and Government sponsored, have pointed out, banking is one of the most sought after careers among the youth of India. It is definitely not because people find the job more interesting or… Read more »


Real Estate and Consumer Protection

The Real Estate Industry is one of the most important and profit-centric industries in the country. It is that aspect of Indian economy which is indeed driving the economic growth of our country at an ever-growing rate. One of the fastest growing markets of the world today, Real estate Industry has come a long way… Read more »


Let’s Talk About Physiotheraphy

Be it spinal injuries or neurological disorders, sports injuries or cerebral palsy, musculoskeletal problems or paralysis, physiotherapy, since the days of its inception, has done wonders. With a vast plethora of techniques, the science of physiotherapy has proved to be a miraculous discovery in the world of medicine. Techniques like muscle stretching, joint movement and… Read more »


Perfect Use of Gyms

Exercising is one of the most important aspects of life today, because being productive at work and your state of mental well being all depend on the well being and fitness of your body. In an age of technology (which some regard as an evil) where teenagers as young as 15 have started suffering from… Read more »


The Art of Flooring Tiles

Interesting as it may seem, an old Irish proverb says,” Judge the person by the floor he walks on.” Although humanists can never agree with something like that, one might see the sense by interpreting it in a figurative manner. In today’s world, floors can both enhance and kill the aesthetic effect of your house…. Read more »

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    5 Places you must visit in India before you kick the bucket!

    India is a nation of diverse ethnicity and culture. What makes it beautiful is the presence of huge conglomerations of people from different religions, cultures and traditions and their peaceful coexistence with each other. A wave of immense pride and pleasure spreads through us, as we realize that we are a part of such wonderful… Read more »

  • 5 Bollywood Movies to look forward to in 2017!

    2016 has been a mixture of good successes and failures in Bollywood industry. With some great films like Airlift, Dear Zindagi, Dangal, Sultan, M.S. Dhoni, Pink, Udta Punjab, Neerja etc. we have got the full dose of entertainment and also our part of disappointments! So, let us welcome 2017 on a positive note and hope… Read more »

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    How to be as healthy as a horse?

    As the world is increasingly moving with fast pace, we often tend to ignore our health in the process of competing for the sustenance of our existence. What we do not realise is how much we have taken for granted and how much our negligence today can cost so much of our tomorrow. So, what… Read more »

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    Tips for Studying Efficiently and Scoring Better!

    Studying is something inevitable and something which most of us do not like. But as said, it is inevitable and very important. You need to pass those exams in order to proceed further. For some of us, it is more of a drag than others. This is because we do not know how to study… Read more »

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    Favorite Aamir Khan Blockbusters!

    Aamir Khan has never ceased to amaze his fans. And sure enough, his Christmas bash “Dangal”, is the top eye catcher of this Christmas Season. Aamir Khan’s movies always have astounding and momentous plots with fabulous actors deeply woven into an intricate sequence. The sheer dedication and hard work of all the actors, the producers… Read more »

  • Christmas Cake

    The Christmas Cake: A Brief History and A Simple Recipe

    “Christmas, Christmas, time is near, Time for toys and time for cheer. We’ve been good, but we can’t last, Hurry Christmas, Hurry Fast.” Well, our wait is over and Christmas is almost here! Christmas has always been something to look forward to. It’s a time where we can see red, white and green everywhere. Christmas… Read more »

  • Playschool

    Choosing the correct playschool for your child

    In the early years a child is like a piece of dry sponge having the capacity to absorb and learn almost anything from the surroundings. The things that the child learns can be good or bad for them in the long run. The early years can have a really big effect on moulding the minds… Read more »

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    TRAI’s 512 Kbps Minimum Speed Directive: Life in the Slow Lane

    After a lot of wait, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has finally decided to have broadband internet service providers offer a minimum broadband speed of 512 kbps from the earlier 256 kbps. A 100% increase in minimum broadband speeds. It might seem impressive but it pales when we look at the broadband speeds offered… Read more »

  • Making Your Leather Shoe Last Longer

    For a lot of people, leather shoes are like a white elephant. they cost a lot more than normal shoes, they require regular maintenance,they can get damaged fast and worst of all you can’t use them often. But despite all of these things we go for leather shoes for one very simple reason,no other shoe… Read more »

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    True or False: Keeping battery in the fridge doubles its Lifespan

    A lot of people say that putting your batteries inside a fridge for some time before you use it helps double the lifespan of  your battery. So is this true? Or is it one of seeming useful but utterly useless life hack? Before finding out whether this works or not we need to first know the… Read more »