Real Estate and Consumer Protection

The Real Estate Industry is one of the most important and profit-centric industries in the country. It is that aspect of Indian economy which is indeed driving the economic growth of our country at a ever-growing rate. One of the fastest growing markets of the world today, Real estate Industry has come a long way… Read more »


Let’s Talk About Physiotheraphy

Be it spinal injuries or neurological disorders, sports injuries or cerebral palsy, musculoskeletal problems or paralysis, physiotherapy, since the days of its inception, has done wonders. With a vast plethora of techniques, the science of physiotherapy has proved to be a miraculous discovery in the world of medicine. Techniques like muscle stretching, joint movement and… Read more »


Perfect Use of Gyms

Exercising is one of the most important aspects of life today, because being productive at work and your state of mental well being all depend on the well being and fitness of your body. In an age of technology (which some regard as an evil) where teenagers as young as 15 have started suffering from… Read more »


The Art of Flooring Tiles

Interesting as it may seem, an old Irish proverb says,” Judge the person by the floor he walks on.” Although humanists can never agree with something like that, one might see the sense by interpreting it in a figurative manner. In today’s world, floors can both enhance and kill the aesthetic effect of your house…. Read more »


Talking about UPSC

  As far as the Civil Services Examination of the UPSC is concerned, candidates and experts have been unanimous on one fact: it is one of the toughest examinations conducted in any country. Maybe that is precisely why the candidates who crack the examination make the best and most efficient administrators. However, cracking the Civil… Read more »


A Note for Medical Aspirants

India is a country where the word ‘doctor’ is treated as a synonym to the Almighty. Consequently, it is nothing unusual that medicine is one of the most lucrative and popular careers among Indian youth. In total, India boasts of a total number of 412 medical colleges with a comprehensive capacity to train 52,765 Indian… Read more »


The CLAT Key

This is a fact undeniable that a career in law is one of the most universally respected professions in India. And why should such a profession not be revered? The skills that a lawyer has to manifest form an unending list: oratory, research, analysis, counter- analysis, writing and what not. Maybe that is one of… Read more »


The Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Nobody today needs an introduction to programming. Every app we use, every game we play or every website we visit, it is the task of a programmer. So just in case you wish to thank someone after making a high score in a game or transferring money safely to someone you care about, you know… Read more »

Reasons You Must Learn Public Speaking

Adolf Hitler once very accurately said,” The success of all great revolutions should be accredited to great orators and not great writers.” Although he is not the best of examples, his oratory skills were the sole reason for the temporary success of the National Socialist revolution. Abraham Lincoln, without his Gettysburg Address, would never be… Read more »


Cracking The Sequence: Star Wars

To be honest, a ‘phenomenon’ like Star Wars requires no introduction. However, since this article is dedicated to all those people who in spite of having a profound desire never had the chance to be acquainted with the epic saga, I would use the following paragraph as a little foreword. Speaking in the most basic… Read more »

  • Fight lower back pain in just two weeks with Soma pills


    If you are someone who experiences lower back pain, worry not because you are not alone. About 80 percent of adults experience it at some point in their lifetime. Mainly people in the age group of 35 to 65 experience it. People who work at sedentary occupations are at a higher risk of disc injury… Read more »

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    VARANASI – IT’S A CITY THAT APPEARS TO BE EXISTING SINCE TIME IMPERIAL.  Dubbed the City of Lights or Kashi, Varanasi is a holy town situated on the west bank of the River Ganga. Call it the land of Shiva or simply a historic city that has several mysteries concealed deep within. Varanasi has stayed… Read more »

  • How-to-Do-a-Hair-Spa-At-Home


    Given the erratic weather conditions, pollution, terrible water conditions and the number of chemicals that make their way on our hair,  our hair suffers and loses its healthy shine and weakens at the roots. So if there is one thing I would make time for, at any given point of time and opportunity, it would definitely… Read more »

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    Christian Dorr said “Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of women, the finishing touch to a dress.” People who smell good are automatically more attractive.I love my perfume and if you’re like me, you’re probably looking for ways to make your perfume last longer on your skin, right? You don’t want that scent to… Read more »

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    We’re all beautiful in our uniqueness – and you’re no different ♥ – which is why finding the perfect glasses can be such a difficult task. In 21st century, there are various sources you can choose from. Your optometrist will be able to offer the most tailored fit, but they may not have frames you… Read more »

  • laser-hair-removal


    Even a little unwanted or untimely hair can leave us feeling self-conscious, less confident and also changes the way we dress. When it effects us so much, shouldn’t we move away from the hassles of waxing, shaving, threading and hair removal creams? It is time we opted for something that gives us permanent solutions like… Read more »

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    Today’s life… HECTIC, BUSY , COMPETITIVE & STRESSFUL… we don’t have time to cope up with this schedule of life and because of this some of us have to suffer with depression too. In your opinion what are the reasons behind it? what can be done to solve this problem? There are ways to tackle… Read more »

  • walking-in-high-heels


    We do love heels! Heels not only make you look taller , they also make your calves look slimmer, because they engage those muscles.When you wear heels, your posture naturally changes, rotating your hips to tuck in your bottom and helping to keep your back and shoulders straight.  Your clothes also look better on you, especially… Read more »

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    A little here, a little there,Wanna shed those little little?

    A little here, a little there,Wanna shed those little little???   Let’s take you to a ride of an amazing facts to shed your little little, I mean calories. Sleeping: Have u ever felt; when you get up in morning your dresses are quite loose??  I think your answer must be a big YES. Or… Read more »

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    Kids absolutely love toys and we do love the look on their face when they are playing with them! Toys are meant to make your child happy and as parents, we just want them to enjoy and have fun playing. However, when purchasing toys, do you check for the specifications mentioned? If not, then unknowingly… Read more »