Celebrate RAKSHA BANDHAN with full zeal…………It holds immense significance for brothers and sisters in India and so does RAKHI GIFTS.Every year siblings scratch their heads for that bright and brilliant gift idea.To make that tedious process a bit easy we are presenting some innovative Rakhi gifts for SISTERS and amazingly delightful gift ideas for KIDS.


There are various old stories regarding this auspicious day.The one mostly known is the sacred bond shared between Shri Krishna and Draupadi.In modern times,Rakhi is celebrated widely as a ritual wherein sister ties a sacred thread called rakhi around the wrist of her brother and wishes for his well being,success and happiness.In return, the brother takes a pledge to guard her sister and gives  exciting gifts in return.Well, the everlasting festival of love-Rakhi is soon approaching on 18th of August,2016,so get ready to make this day worth remembering.

Moreover,a wide variety of options available which makes it too confusing to buy the right gift.We bring you the colorful,vibrant and eye-catching RAKSHA BANDHAN range of some unique gifts. But before that some TIPS FOR SELECTING RAKHI GIFTS :

1. Keep in mind the choice of your sibling.(hobbies ,areas of interest)

2. Think if your sis has been planning to buy for a long time.If yes,then surprise by making her wish come true..

3. Ensure the gift is of good quality and trendy at the same time.

 4. Don’t go over and above budget. Remember your feelings are more important than the digits written on the gift tag.

 Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………….. to make the celebration mesmerising.

Collection of Rakhi Gifts ———


Fashion Jewellery

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Girls are very much fond of jewelleries, no matter how old she is. Moreover, It lasts and is a piece of asset. She might just preserve her brother’s present for lifetime. A simple pendent, Bracelets, rings, earrings, chains etc would be enough to make your sister smile. You don’t have to spend bucks to buy the jewellery as price tag doesn’t matter what matter is emotions. So, this Raksha Bandhan, surprise her with a set of stunning jewellery.


Shopping vouchers:

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Girls are shopping freaks, who doesn’t know this. Well, if a sister receives a shopping voucher to famous brands she will jump with joy. Instead of buying her clothes and accessories get her some gift vouchers or hampers. Not only that, find out time to go out shopping with her. You might end up sharing your little secrets with each other while shopping.




Name a girl who is not in love with chocolates. You sister is no exception. Give her a box of assorted chocolates and see the smile on her face. Girls are very fond of chocolates so you can get a big pack of her favorite one which she will she definitely going to eat with a big smile on her face. Moreover you can just keep her favourite chocolate in her bag and can surprise her.



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Best gift for nerdy sister. If your sis loves reading. Give her a collection of books of her choice, go to the nearest store and get that book. If she is fond of reading then you can gift a book of her favourite author which will surely make your sister feel good. So add on books that you gifted to someone and the person treasured it.




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Gone are those days when you could do away by just giving a chocolate to your sister. Today however, the era of technology has taken over and teenagers (even girls) prefer gadgets as gifts. If your sis is a gadget freak, gift her something that she doesn’t have like a walkman or a Bluetooth device, Mobile, Electronics. you can just surprise her with that one gift and she can’t be happier.



Perfumes and Deodorants-

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If you are searching for the best Rakhi gift for your sister then fragrant perfumes and body sprays are the best option. Such gifts never go out of fashion and they are likable by all age group. But don’t forget to keep her choice into consideration.


Personalized gift

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You can look for variety of personalized gifts to make a choice from. It can be a personalised Coffee Mug, Personalized Wall Clock, Personalize Cushion, Personalize Photo Frame and much more. So just go ahead and select the best gift to surprise your sister. A Personalized gift  for Rakhi is sure to express your feelings of love and care for him/her in the best way.


Little girls love to receive cute and huggable teddy bears,chocolates or some nice stationery items.You may also gift story books,cartoon characters posters or stickers ,fancy tops,some video games,toys and other confectionery items which will be relished by them.

So, come on boys, check out the  list and prove wrong the myth that boys are insensitive in choosing right gifts for their sisters! So, these are some gifts you can give your sister on this auspicious occasion. Apart from this, you can also take her out for dinner or lunch at her favourite restaurant. Alternatively, you can just tell her how important she is to you and for your family.So what are you  waiting for?The occasion of joy is approaching ,hence just browse through our beautiful collection while sitting on your couch and make it memorable for your sweet ones.


Written by Manaswini Gupta

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