“It’s your best day. Why not take your load off a little?”


Weddings are an auspicious event, a day when two people promise to live their whole life together. Weddings include a lot of planning like selecting the venue of the wedding, making guest lists, calling family and close friends, deciding what dress to wear, and obviously a lot of shopping. Among all of this work, how do two people manage the whole event?

That’s where the wedding event management comes into the picture. They help you in selecting venues, deciding the theme of the wedding, contacting various florists, restaurants, and also reduce your load so that you can enjoy your best day to the optimum. Wedding planners help in choosing the right vendors, getting you the best deal. After all, they have been working with the vendors for long. They are your creative partners, providing you with ideas, opinions and a lot more.

Before you appoint a wedding planner, do ask yourself a few questions like-

  • “What is the budget for the wedding?”
  • “How many people do I want to call?
  • “Preferred wedding date?”
  • “Do I want an indoor or outdoor setting?”

On your first meeting, try and get to know your wedding planner. Learn about why they wanted to be a wedding planner, how long have they been in business, and do they have a certified license. Try to find out how many marriages they have planned and when was the last time they planned a marriage. Give them challenging situations and see how they react and approach your question, and also find out if it’s their full-time job, if not, what they essentially do for a living.

After you feel completely comfortable with the wedding planner, work out with the venue for your wedding. Learn if your planner has ever worked or planned a wedding at your desired wedding venue, and what would be their contingency plan if you decide to have open-air wedding and there’s a weather issue during that time, and grade them on the basis of their approach.

Hiring Vendors-

Vendors are the one who provide you with all the required things like flowers, decoration items, and other little things.

Ask your planner whether you have the right to choose your own vendor with whom they haven’t worked before or would they have an issue with it. Discuss how much commission they would be taking from the vendor they are referring to, the mode and time of the payment, and whether they will take full responsibility if there arises an issue before/after the wedding.

Services provided by the planner-

Find out what type of planning they specialize in: Logistical or Design and Logistics. If only Logistics, ask them if they would be willing to refer a vendor to assist you with the event design.

Tell them what part of the planning you want them to do for the wedding event. Find out who will be the in-charge of all the activities during your wedding day and how many assistants will be working on your event. Ask them about their back-up plan if their in-charge isn’t able to make it on the wedding day.

Discuss the time you will arrive and leave on the wedding day, and find out if somebody of their workforce would stay back after the wedding and make sure that all the vendors have left and everything’s cleaned up. Hear their plan of the timeline of the wedding and the stage formation. Find out if they offer different packages or is everything customized on the basis of what you are looking for, how many meetings would be included in your package, and whether or not the wedding day rehearsal is included in their package.

If the wedding day rehearsal isn’t included in their package, find out how much extra will they charge for the rehearsal.

Listen properly to all the packages your planner has to offer. If you want help for your dress selection, ask your planner if they are into it and if not how much extra they are going to charge you.


The main business-

  • After you are satisfied and comfortable with the wedding planner, ask your planner how much time they will take to make the contract. Ask for a flowchart of how your money is going to be allocated and to which division.
  • Find out how they charge you for the services provided: hourly, percentage of wedding cost, or flat rate.
  • Ask for a detailed list of things/items they are going to provide in your package, and how much deposit you have to pay to book their services.
  • Most importantly, find out about their refund and cancellation policies.

Good wedding planner can provide you with a lot of references and contacts. Make sure your planner has answered every question, and it will be wise to select your planner after you have met and interacted with a few others in the same field.

Happy Planning!

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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