We have now introduced a product update aimed at the businesses. From now onwards businesses can claim and edit their businesses. We have given a detailed description below on how businesses can do this.

Step 1: Claiming Your Business
To Claim your business, go to the profile page of your business on our site. Next click on the ‘Edit Listing’ icon given next to the name of your business. On Clicking ‘Edit Listing’ you will see the another popup below. Enter your registered mobile number in the text box and click on the ´Get Code on Mobile Icon’. You will soon receive an OTP(One Time Password) on your mobile. Enter the Verification code and Click ‘Go’. You should now be able to edit your business.

Step 2: Editing Your Business.
Now that we have discussed about businesses can claim a business, let us discuss editing the business.  The Edit business section allows you to edit your business; namely the name of your business, its address, the locality it is in, your city and the phone number. You can choose to add multiple phone numbers. In addition to this you can also add photos up to a maximum of four. And finally you can add keywords that your business might be relevant for in the Listed in section. You just need to type in a few letters and our predictive search algorithm will help make up the rest.

We will be launching more product updates soon. So stay tuned.

Written by QuickSearch

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