About Ranchi:

Ranchi is the capital of the land of forests, more commonly known as Jharkhand. Ranchi is heaven for nature lovers. It is popularly known as the land of waterfalls. The unparalleled beauty of the scenic waterfalls, rich greenery and colorful culture makes your visit to the land memorable. Blessed with the best of nature, Ranchi captivates your soul with authority. Ranchi was previously known as Lohardaga. Ranchi is 175.12 square kilometers in area, and its average elevation is 651 m above sea level. Ranchi is situated in the southern part of the Chotta-Nagpur plateau and the eastern section of the Deccan plateau. Ranchi has a hilly topography and its dense tropical forests a combination that produces a relatively moderate climate compared to the rest of the state. During the period of British rule, it was accorded a ‘hill station’ status. Since that time, rapid population growth and industrialization have caused a marked change in its weather patterns and an increase in average temperature.


How to reach Ranchi?

Birsa Munda Airport (IXR) of Ranchi has direct flights from Patna. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Jammu, goa and Kolkata. Few major airlines like Air India, GoAir, Indigo and Jet Airways serve this purpose. A new international terminal is now ready which is spread over 19,676 square meters of land, and has the capacity to handle 500 domestic and 200 international passengers. Rail links to Ranchi also exist.

What to see in Ranchi?

  • Rock garden & Kanke dam (Gonda hills): Gonda Hill and Rock Garden is situated at a distance of about 4 km from Ranchi town on Ranchi Kanke Road. Rock Garden is carved out of the rocks of Gonda Hill and resembles its design to rock garden of Jaipur. At the base of the Hill is Kanke Dam.
  • Hundru Falls: Hundru Fall is one of the most picturesque falls surrounding Ranchi. It is 45 km from Ranchi on Ranchi-Purulia Road. Here, the Subarnarekha River falls from a height of 320 feet. The pools at the bottom of the falls are favourite picnic and bathing spots.
  • Jonha Falls: Jonha Falls is also known as Gautamdhara, is around 40 km from Ranchi. It is approachable by both Road and train. The fall can be admired by descending around 500 steps. There is a tourist rest house which has a Lord Buddha temple. The river Kanchi flows nearby.
  • Panchghagh Falls: Panchghagh falls is on Ranchi-Chakradharpur Road about 6 km from Khunti. This fall consists of five streams formed in a row due to the breaking up of the Banai River which falls from a good height. Cemented walkways connect the different cataracts, of which stream 2 is the most popular while 5 is the biggest, though a bit inaccessible.
  • Dassam Falls: Dassam falls is 34 km from Ranchi on Ranchi-Tata Road near a village called Taimara. Here, the Kachni River falls from an altitude of 144 feet. It is also known as Dassam Gagh.
  • Hirni Falls: Another beautiful waterfall amidst forests about 70 km from Ranchi.
  • Nakshatra Van: Nakshatra Van is situated in the heart of the City. It is divided into various sections. There is a big circle in the center of the park which is divided into arcs. The tree that represents the particular nakshatras in the zodiac has been planted in each of the corresponding arcs.
  • Jharkhand War Memorial: Must visit place to understand the history of Jharkhand.
  • Jagannathpur Temple: 10 km away from Ranchi town Jagannathpur temple was built in 1691 having resemblance with architectural style of Puri temple. Thakur Ani Nath Shahdeo, of Barkagarh Jagannathpur built the temple. Rath yatra similar to Puri Rath Yatra is held every year.
  • Tagore Hill: The Morhabadi Hill famous as Tagore Hill is an important tourist spot. The elder brother of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Jyotirindranath Tagore has built a house (Shantidham) on the the hill. It is known as Tagore Hill due to its association with Tagore family.
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What to do in Ranchi?

Ranchi is a destination which can be enjoyed with family. A picnic at the foot of the waterfalls is a must. Ranchi is paradise for nature lovers and photographers. Still life and nature artists will also enjoy Ranchi. A one night camping trip on the hills or at the base of the waterfall is also something worth a try, For fitness enthusiast and adventure lovers, a trek up the hills in the early hours of morning is bliss.

Where to stay in Ranchi?

Ranchi has a lot of budget as well as star hotels. It is best to choose your place of stay based on duration, convenience and need. If you are travelling through a tour package then they will recommend some hotels as well.

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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