Adolf Hitler once very accurately said,” The success of all great revolutions should be accredited to great orators and not great writers.” Although he is not the best of examples, his oratory skills were the sole reason for the temporary success of the National Socialist revolution. Abraham Lincoln, without his Gettysburg Address, would never be the immortal President he is today. Winston Churchill would never be known as one of the greatest men who ruled Great Britain if not for his inspirational speeches during the Battle of Britain. Martin Luther King Jr. would never be able to bring equality in the American society without his “I have a dream” speech. Steve Jobs would hardly be the revered icon he is today without his “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” speech. The examples could go on ceaselessly. These examples are enough to acknowledge the unimaginable prowess of public speaking.

In the modern era, public speaking plays a decisive role in many aspects of our lives, especially career development, business growth and the relationships we share with our friends and family. In short, public speaking is a skill worth learning. In the following section, I would try my best to put forward some valid reasons stating why everyone needs to learn public speaking, although all of them are interconnected.adolf11. Self-Confidence: Speaking from personal experience, public speaking seems very intimidating initially. However, with passing days, it turns into a passion, and mistake not, this passion is much different. One unknowingly falls in love with the sense of power that Public Speaking provides. The feeling of an audience grasping every word that comes out of your mouth can be a very effective catalyst to our personality development.

It is quite implied that, it will enhance our self-confidence to an unbelievable amount. Public speaking makes you a very effective communicator, which helps you to put forward your ideas in a very influential manner. With public speaking, the principal skill that you learn is the art of using the spoken words. This, to be honest, gives you permanent freedom from awkward moments during conversations, which makes both you and your conversation partner comfortable. Come what may, you shall always come across as a confident person.

2. Career: The importance of public speaking in one’s career is paramount. In today’s world, industries are booming with talented people. However, not everyone can be allowed to move up the ladder. So, who gets to be the future CEO or MD of the corporation you work for? The answer is simple; he or she has to be talented with unquestionable leadership qualities, one who is an effective communicator apart from being skilled. Today’s industries seek leaders who can lead the corporation to the much sought after world of success. Consequently, if you are an effective communicator who can influence the listeners with the spoken word, who can come across as confident, respectable and credible, you are an asset to your company.

3. Sharing Ideas: As Maya Angelou very adroitly said,” There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Every individual is equally gifted. Somehow or the other, these gifts in most people become lost forever. These gifts are ideas that are capable of bringing a change to the lives of the human race, improving mankind, and making this world a better place to live in.Everyone is an expert in some field or the other, or at least has the potential to be one. Think of the difference they would make if they could fearlessly get up to the podium and share their ideas with the rest of the world.

4. Relationships: As I have already said, the reasons are interrelated. Being good at public speaking makes you a better communicator with great self-confidence. Automatically, it transforms you into a charismatic person. People like charismatic people. Charisma gains you the respect of the people around you (and somewhat makes you irresistible to the ones of the opposite gender ;)). In short, it makes you good with people, including friends and family.

To summarize everything that I have mentioned in this article, public speaking transforms you into a leader and makes you the person of your dreams. Having said that, I believe that you have no reason to delay!

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Written by Pranjal Mondal

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