They say that the beauty of a language lies in the sweetness of its words. Maybe that’s the reason why people over the ages have incessantly hailed the romanticism of French, the boldness of German, the sensuality of Italian or the cunning of Mandarin.

The world is turning into a smaller place day by day, and soon people shall no longer be limited by the boundaries of nationality and culture. So, why not begin by uniting them with language?

This article shows you several reasons why you should study a foreign language, and here it goes:

1. A Sea of Job Opportunities:

Well, it should not sound surprising when I say the knowledge of a foreign language opens the door to a world of opportunities. If you think I am talking about just freelancing, nothing could be further from truth, although it involves some interesting opportunities too.

The world is turning more and more business oriented by the day. Consequently, corporations today require workers capable of working in any environment, be it local or foreign. So, many MNCs prefer candidates with knowledge of a foreign language over the ones with none. Foreign consulates recruit lots of people from the host country to act as interpreters and consular staff. Apart from that, working in foreign countries becomes a less cumbersome errand as language ceases to be a bar.

2. Books, Movies and other pieces of art: 

This point goes without saying. Learning a new language gives you a newfound interest in the pieces of art associated with that language. Be it Les Mesrables ,L’Etranger or La Petit Prince for lovers of classics,  Mein Kampf for people with keen interest in politics, or admirers of manga, there is an overwhelming sense of joy involved in reading original texts. One cannot deny that translations, and sometimes even transliterations, kill the magic in a book. Learning a foreign language might be of some help here.

Apart from books, there lies a world of movies completely undiscovered by you, and just like books, watching dubbed versions of these will never help you discover the beauty of the masterpieces. If my example proves minutely helpful, then the first dubbed foreign film I watched was a French movie names ‘Amelie’. A few years later when I watched it again after learning ‘the language of love’, I discovered the difference.

3. Culture: 

Here is an interesting point. Learning a new language not only gives you the opportunity to see a foreign culture from an insider’s point of view, but also your culture from an outsider’s point of view.  As you get acquainted to a foreign tongue, you gain a new sense of consciousness which allows you to look at your culture from a foreigner’s perspective.

When I finally was acceptably adept at French, I became more and more interested in comparing my indigenous culture to theirs. Thus, for me, it proved to be a brilliant way to learn more about the origins and traditions of my own people.

4. Cross-Cultural Friendships: 

As I have already said, learning a foreign language gives you a wonderful opportunity to discover the delicate culture that the language encompasses. The process, however, involves something even more beautiful. There are numerous forums on the internet that provide you the scope to practice the language with native speakers. As you speak, you will be able to make lots of new friends all over the world. And trust me when I say, these friendships are not like any other. They transform you into a genuinely resourceful person to begin with, as proper conversations with foreigners cannot possibly be any more interesting, can they?


To be honest, over the years I have heard a vast variety of reasons for learning a new tongue, but I am yet to hear one valid reason why not to. Apart from the reasons I have stated, one should not forget how fun it is to be a polyglot (remember Colonel Hans Landa from ‘Inglourious Basterds’?).

Now that you know how enriching and important a new language can be, begin today! Click here to find language classes near you.

Written by Pranjal Mondal

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