Even though staying away from home is difficult, sometimes you need to be away from home in an unknown area/city to pursue some work or study. Renting a PG/hostel remains the only option. But before joining a PG, here are the five points you need to have in mind.
1. Safety: First and foremost thing that is to be checked is the safety of the Paying Guest. Since you are staying away from home for work, you should not be having any doubts about safety of your bags etc kept at PG. Check if the infrastructure provided can secure your luggage or not. Not just inside the PG but also try to find out security levels of the area in which the PG is located.
2. PG Services: Services like Electricity, Water facility, Hygiene are often overlooked but they are very essential before renting any accommodation. There are many places in Raipur where Water supply is a problem while power cut is frequent in some areas.  Other value added services like Internet, TV and AC should also be considered before renting. If the PG is providing room with food, try to find out the quality of the food beforehand. Internet being one of the basic demand these days checkout its signal and speed. One must also make sure if the infrastructure provided by the PG is in good condition or not.
3. Surrounding areas: Before going into this you would first need to know the services that you can’t do without.  Most of the PG’s here offer food for breakfast and dinner only and many do not allow self-cooking.  Staying out of home might demand few more products and services like:
a) Grocery Store & Fruit Market – How close are they?
b) Restaurants- Raipur doesn’t have too many free home delivery services. So make sure to ask where the nearest restaurant/food counter is.
c) Laundry service- Is there one in the locality?
d) Other services: These services change from person to person like shopping mall, cinema hall, temple, college, office, medical store etc.
 4. Transportation: There might be a lot of good things about Raipur but its transportation system is not one of them. Majority of people here rely on their own vehicles to navigate the city. It would therefore be in your best interests to have your own vehicle. But then again its good have another option as well.
Now, there are also buses that ply in the city but they are too few and far in between. Share auto rickshaws therefore, are the main mode of public transportation in this city and in case you don’t own a vehicle your only mode of transportation. So you need to find out how far your place of residence is from the nearest auto route.  You might also want to investigate till how late in the night you might get autos in your locality. This was one thing that I did not research in my early days here and I ended walking back to my home during most nights when I had to work late. Having one nearby will save you a lot of time and energy especially during the blistering summers of Raipur.
 5. Cost: Last but not least cost is also one of the major factor that influences our decision in choosing a PG. Now in an unknown area/city how can you decide if the rent is worth it or not. Easiest way is to ask someone you know in that city, if not ask someone staying in that PG. Try to enquire 3-4 PG’s. Note down the services provided by them, analyse the benefits you obtain. Check with the above four points, if you are missing something find out the opportunity cost and in the end try to bargain some more.

Written by QuickSearch

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