Tired of changing fashions? Too broke to buy new clothes every season? Can’t part with your old favorites? Adding to all the problems is it your dream to be a fashionista?

Well, now all of this may just be an added advantage to modifying your summer wardrobe into the perfect winter collection!

  • Leggings will be your new best friend: Are you a party person with plenty of little black dresses and fluffy skirts? Here’s how you can pull your best clothes off in winter too! Team your skirt or dress with a bling pair of leggings and look chic this winter! Leggings look classy and also provide the necessary protection that you need from the cold. A little black dress with bling silver leggings and black pumps will look stunning.
  • Colorful cardigans will give you the warmest hug this season: Cardigans are light, vibrant, easy to carry around and not to forget trendy! If you have pliantly of tank tops and spaghettis then cardigans are the ideal companion to wear them with during winter. The best part is that cardigans are an accessory and can be repeated multiple times a week without hesitation. Wearing a particular tank top on two different days with different cardigans will give it a completely different look. Cardigans also come in handy while trying to give your formal shirts a casual makeover. Pull a cardigan on top of your shirt and button it up. Roll back the sleeves of the shirt and cardigan together till elbow length and look dashing.
  • Layer up: The best way to stay warm is by layering up. And guess what? It is also the best way to use your summer clothes in winter. Put on a long tank top, on top of that a shorter full sleeve shirt and team it with a black leather jacket to mark your fashion statement this winter. Teaming it with a pair of black leggings and high top black boots will make you look ramp ready. You can also wrap a scarf on you neck to add a gentle feminine touch to the look.
  • Thermals may just become the highlight of your fashionable look! Ironic right? : One of the most unfashionable clothing items, thermals, may actually be a boon to you this winter! If you really want to wear your favorite sheer top this winter, then team it with a pair of thermals which will keep you warm and still make you look fab. Same goes for your favorite pair of light denims.
  • Turtle necks are now trending: Is your flowery, strappy cotton dress the most comfortable thing that you own? Now be comfortable in winter as well by teaming it with a turtle neck t-shirt that will keep you cozy and warm. Contrast the color and look stylish. A baby pink summer dress will look great if teamed with a blue turtle neck.

What are you waiting for? Jazz up now and look your absolute best this Christmas season! Visit the QuickSearch website to find a list of fashion designers who can help you look fabulous this winter.


Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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