Wearing clothes and getting dressed is a time honored tradition. We’ve all got to do it! So we find ourselves in markets and shopping malls almost every month to but new clothes. We have some people who can “shop till they drop!” Impressive, really (since I am one of those). But then again, there are those who loathe shopping. It’s alright! Sometimes the variety you leave you overwhelmed. In my case, I fall in love with everything and end up buying nothing because of the inability to choose!

But don’t worry! There is a way out of every problem. So for all the shopping-phobes, here are a few simple tips that will help you survive the next drill!


To avoid moving around aimlessly in stores with the store people hovering over you, decide what kind of clothes you want to buy. When you do this, you are actually mentally guiding yourself to enter the right stores and eliminate all distractions. In fact, you can also tell the salesperson the look you want to shop and they will help you out. It will also help you save time.



Letting your shopping-addict friend accompany you is the last thing you want! Allow me to explain – people who love to shop, have the tendency to stop at every store possible, try on every garment, take extra time in the changing rooms( because they are probably taking pictures in there) and chat with the salesperson. If you invite any such person to help you shop, they will make you do the exact same things! And you are doomed thereafter! So have confidence in your choice and go alone!



This tip is a life saver and works best when combined with tip one. You obviously do not like making several trips to the shopping malls (which is why you are reading this article) so the best thing to do would be to make a list of the things you want or the kind of clothes you want and buy them all in one go! But be sensible! Don’t just buy anything! Check the fitting, the fabric, the label, if you have to. If there are any events coming up in the near future, then find yourself the outfit. And one more thing, if you really like a garment or dress, BUY IT! Don’t worry about whether you will find an occasion to wear it or not! Life is long and unpredictable!


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I could not miss this one! Shopping online is a blessing for the ones who dread going to stores. So, you let the stores come to you! Now, before you ditch all other suggestions mentioned previously, make sure you go to good shopping website. Try not to experiment and trust the site you have already purchased from. Check their size charts to get a better idea and be aware of the terms and conditions of their return/exchange policy. Because, with no intention of freaking you out, if you get the wrong dress then returning it can be quite a pain and plus the wait! Be realistic and visualize yourself in those clothes because models parading in the same clothes may give you the wrong idea.

Shopping can be hard. It can drive you insane and make you frustrated at times. But remember, shopping in actual stores is always better as it gives you the real and better idea of the thing you are buying. Now that you have a few tips to follow and make your life easier, walk into the nearest shopping outlet and add colour to your closet right away! Happy shopping!


Written by Varnika Chauhan

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