The awareness of staying healthy has increased in present times, with an increasingly large number of people becoming health conscious across the globe. There was a time when people died of diseases that are common these days just because there were no proper remedies to cure them. But with the discovery of the first antibiotic by Alexander Fleming, there came a revolution in the field of medicine. Different kinds of medications and therapies when became available, mortality rate went down.

Popular culture has its effect in all the strata of our lives. It has not only modified our daily lives but also, to a great extent, skewed our perception towards certain things. Healthy body is one of those. That is the reason when we talk about health, mostly people imagine a trimmed body which could make them look good. Many people go to the other extreme and starve and become anorexic, while trying to achieve their ideal healthy body. What we need to understand is that the definition of a healthy person is incomplete, if we just look through the lens of physical beauty. Health as a whole is a combination of physical, mental and social well-being.

Physical health can be maintained by regular exercise and proper intake of a balanced diet, which in turn influences the mental strength of humans. Here, “balanced diet” is needed to be emphasized upon because a person who appears physically fit may be a sufferer of malnutrition which occurs when food intake does not meet the energy losses.

The mental make-up of a person helps him perform in different situations. One just needs to believe in himself and stay strong. This would eventually bring a positive transformation in his personality and lifestyle as well which makes him socially healthy. Besides these, the genetic constitution of an individual is also an important factor affecting his overall health.

In order to stay fit, a slightly planned routine could be of some use. Beginning with a bit of work out in the morning makes you feel fresh, provides strength and prepares you to work efficiently for the day. Also, good intake of water rejuvenates not only our skin but also helps our system to function properly. With changing seasons, nature also provides us with the respective seasonal fruits and vegetables which could be easily assimilated by our digestive system thus helping us to stay fit round the year.

There is no rulebook to guide us on how to stay fit but we have already received much of the essential knowledge from our grandparents. “Early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise” is a universally known quote but followed only by a few in the present day hustle called life.

For those for whom working out is an ordeal, they can still take preventive measures by waking up and going to bed on time. Eat simple rather than gobbling down junk food since fast food items serve only as taste changers but these can never replace the daily nutritional needs of our body. Nature has blessed human beings with wonders in the form of fruits and herbs. All we need to do is make an effort to know about those and incorporate their consumption in our daily lives.

Apart from these, there is one more factor that plays a vital role in anyone’s well-being. The easiest and free of cost way one can choose to sooth oneself is keeping a smile on their face. It is not only a kind of facial exercise that helps increase blood circulation but also creates an aura of positive energy around us. The mantra of a happy life is a happy body and a happy mind. In order to lead a meaningful life, we need to make little efforts towards both.

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