With the winters fast approaching, it is important for us to stay safe and maintain good health. We all now the severity of the winters in North India and the same effects which are now spreading towards South India as well. Frost bites, fever, cold and cough are common phenomenon during this season, which can make you extremely tired, weak and make you feel drained out.

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Some easy ways to stay safe and healthy this winter are:

  1. Thick layers.Put several layers of clothing on and make sure your head, neck and hands are covered. Dress babies and young children in one more layer than an adult would wear. Layering helps to keep your body heat inside and prevent the outside climate from affecting your internal conditions.
  2. Beware clothing hazards.Scarves and hood strings can strangle smaller children so use other clothing to keep them warm. However, for adults certain material like very fine wool may be an irritant to the nose. So well in hand before the winter hits your city make sure you have all your winter clothing ready and selected.
  3. Check in on warmth.Even if you have some extremely important work, it is a wise idea to first check the day’s weather forecast and then go out. Make sure that you dress weather appropriately as that’s more important than dressing appropriately for the occasion.
  4. Use sunscreen.Children and adults can still get sunburn in the winter. Sun can reflect off the snow, so apply sunscreen. Sunburns in the winter can be extremely detrimental to your skin.
  5. Install alarms.More household fires happen during the winter so make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home. Also have a fire extinguisher handy in case of any requirement.
  6. Get equipped. Children should always wear gloves and other protective clothing while stepping out to play in these weathers.
  7. Prevent nosebleeds. If you suffer from minor winter nosebleeds, use a cold air humidifier in their room. Saline nose drops can help keep your nose moist.
  8. Stay hydrated.In drier winter air our bodies tend to lose more water while breathing. Keep drinking water and hot beverages to stay hydrated.
  9. Watch for danger signs.Signs of frostbite are pale, grey or blistered skin on the fingers, ears, nose, and toes. If you think you have a frost bite, then go indoors and apply hot water on the affected area. Signs of hypothermia are shivering, slurred speech, and unusual clumsiness.

Following these quick, easy and handy tips can help to protect you and keep you safe this winter.

Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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