“Now that you’ve chosen your bride, choose a suitable suit”


While most of the people talk about the bride choosing the perfect wedding dress in an Indian wedding, they forget the fact that the same applies to the groom.

One should choose their wedding suit on the basis of their body structure, what color suits them, and the fabric of the outfit based on what design they plan to adorn. Accessories also need to be matched to the outfit accordingly and form a very integral part of ones wedding dress.

Choosing your outfit based on body shape:

The healthy Indian groom:

Want your mid-section to look flatter? Select a suit that is not too tight or baggy as tight groom clothes will get your flab a lot of attention, and baggy clothes will make you look bulkier.

The skinny Indian groom:

Avoid wearing straight cut kurtas, sherwanis or jodhpuris. It’ll make you look extremely thin and miserable on your big day. Choose a fora formal suit, as it’ll add some bulk to your frame. Do not go for vertical stripes, though a single horizontal stripe on your chest region can make your shoulders look broad.

The short Indian groom:

Do not opt for long kurtas, they will make your body look shorter. Go for kurta-dhoti, jodhpuri suits, or formal suits. It’ll add some height if styled properly.

Choosing the appropriate fabric for your wedding suit:

If you want to get your suit tailored, then its very important for you to check the material and fabric of the cloth. Your perfect choice would be wool or wool finish material clothes. Try choosing wrinkle-free material for your suit, as you will be wearing the suit for almost an entire day and you don’t want to look shabby during your reception. Before selecting the fabric, it would be wise to consider the time and place of your wedding. If you are planning to have an open-air wedding then it’s advisable to choose cotton.

Choosing the right color for your wedding suit:

Color is one of the most important things you should keep in mind while tailoring or buying your suit. The color of your suit should be in contrast with your complexion, but if you want to play it safe you then go for basic dark shades or white based in which compliments your skin tone better.

Want to experiment a little with the color? Keep in account of the wedding theme and what time of the day it’s being held. It is better to go for light shades for mornings, and darker shades if the wedding is in the evening.

Choosing the design of your wedding suit:

If you are having a traditional wedding, then go for a traditional wedding suit, a dual waistcoat, a ribbon. Or else, a well-fitted suit would do as well. Choose the color of your shirt as opposed to your suit for optimum effect. Make sure your suit is of the right fit, as even a well cut and designed suit can look shabby if not of the right fit.



They make up the most important part of your attire. In Indian weddings you are obligated to wear your traditional family heirlooms. But if you want to wear something other than those, you can go for a brooch, accessorize your turban, or wear an armband. Swarovski embedded cuff links and tiepins are extremely popular nowadays.

No matter what you decide to use, make sure it compliments your attire.


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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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