A lot of you might be interested in getting a dog for your family. We are sure that you would take great care of your dog. You will feed your dog regularly and make sure it is healthy through regular visits to your local veterinary doctor. You will take all possible steps to make life happy for your dog. But is that all when it comes to taking care of your dog? Lately there have been many bad owners who just don’t know how to take care of their dogs properly.  And because of this dogs tend of display certain behavioural problems. This is made even for difficult if the owners don’t realise that their dog is displaying behavioural problems. Some of these problematic behaviours have been explained below.

• Playfully biting the owners hand.

• Ignoring the owner when being called.

• Growling if the if the owner comes near hem when they are eating.

• Growing when the owner tries to take something that belongs to them

• Dragging the owner to wherever they want to go or just simply refusing to move.

• Intimidating other dogs for no reason at all.

• Indiscriminately barking at guests when they are home.

These behavioural problems commonly seen in a lot of dogs are attributed to a common trait found in animals called the dominance syndrome or the alpha syndrome. Dogs like all the other animals belonging to the canine family are animals that live in packs. These packs have a social ranking within them that determines who is at the top and who is at the bottom. Puppies frequently engage in play biting amongst each other. This is to determine the superiority within the group.

So, it is in the belief that they are the alpha or leader of the family, which your dog engages in the above mentioned activities. So when he becomes an adult he won’t listen to what the owner says. So when you adopt a dog into your family it is of paramount importance to make them understand that they have the lowest ranking within the household. Otherwise the dogs built up stress wondering why they have to follow the orders of someone beneath them. This might cause them to act out which can make trouble for the owners. So when you realise that your dog is exhibiting problematic behaviour it becomes important to properly discipline and train them. So here are some dog training tips you need to follow if you intend to get a pet.

Any human might want to live in a large and spacious house. But this is not applicable for dogs. In the wild we can see can other canines like foxes, wolves etc prefer burrows. The same is also true for dogs.  The dogs are calmer in dog houses. So it is important to offer a place for the dog to sleep in the form of a dog house. Training a dog to use this house is not difficult. To do this put the meals, toys and other things which your dog likes in the house. This is done so as to make the dog the wariness to the dog house. Talk to the dog and give him lots of praise when he is inside the cage. But if refuses to stay inside and tries to leave, take away his food and toys and don’t talk to him. By doing this the dog will begin to think that staying inside the cage is a good thing and willingly enter the cage. When the dog is about to enter the cage try calling out “house”. This is to make the dog understand the word “house” as a command to enter the cage. Lastly if you can slowly close the door to the cage once the dog enters it it is all OK. This way your will become a dog that won’t feel any stress when you put him in a cage and move him around. Thus it becomes easy for you to take him to veterinary clinic. You can even take your dog along with you when you go on a trip.

We had earlier discussed some of the behavioural problems that the dominance syndrome can cause in your dog. Leader walk is one method that can be used to make the dog understand the social hierarchy in your family. Leader walk refers to a pulling method while taking your dog out on walks. If your dog goes to a particular direction when you take him on a walk, you need to pull the leash 180 degrees in the opposite direction. It is important to make sure that you don’t look at the dogs face when you do this.  This is an elementary step in taking care of the dominance syndrome. When you do it the first time the dog might think that this was an accident and try doing it again. So you will need to repeat the exercise until the dog understands who the alpha of the family is.

Hold-Still is another method that has an excellent effect on the dominance syndrome. This is a restraint method where you tuck behind the dog and hold them until they calm down. Depending on your dogs temperament it might take a few to several minutes before they calm down. If your dog is very large or with a particularly rough temperament, consult an expert before you do this. Once the dog calms down try petting the dog all over. For dogs that look like they might resist, hold down their mouth. If they don’t try to resist try touching the canines inside the dog’s mouth. The last step is to roll them over, and gently rub their belly but if the dog refuses to roll over, try rubbing their belly from the side. Depending on the dog they might even fall asleep.

Now let us look at some of the commands that you can teach your dog quite easily.

1. Sit: When the dog is naturally sitting, say “sit” and then immediately “alright” and begin praising it. For dogs that don’t understand in the beginning, as long as you repeat it numerous times, eventually they will realize that they are being praised.

2. Down: After having the dog sit, Say “down” while lightly pushing down its shoulders and pulling out its front legs to the down pose. When the dog understands this pose, naturally without needing to hold its front legs, it will go into the down pose. If the dog maintains the down pose while a person is standing, give it praise.

3. Stay: After having the dog sit, say “stay” and then have your hands face the dog while slowly backing away. If the dog tries to come closer, return it to its original position and try again from the beginning. Once the dog waits a bit before it starts to move, get close to the dog and praise it. After doing this, you can then try gradually increasing the distance.

4. Come: Have the dog come and sit in the “wait” state. After a little while say come, and if it doesn’t come, lightly pull on the leash. If the dog comes to your side, give it praise.

So do keep these things in mind before you decide to adopt a dog from any Pet Stores.

Written by Bajith Sasidharan

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