Obtaining a driving license for a young person is a great achievement as they now have the freedom to explore and enjoy themselves. In recent times driving has become a common fad amongst youngsters. As exciting as it may sound it is also essential to observe and follow safety rules. Most importantly, it is essential to learn the art of driving with precision and diligence.

Though most people mind it pointless, unnecessary and a waste of money, going to a driving school will always help enhance your driving abilities and make you more confident. Driving school’s help out to understand how to react in what situations and how not to panic in times of emergency. The driving instructor will also take you thru various types of roads, small, wide, smooth and bumpy. This will help you to get used to driving on different terrains and make you a more professional and experienced driver.


There are various reasons as to why each and every new driver should go to driving school before attempting to drive a car. Some of the reasons are:

  1. It helps you get comfortable: The first few times behind the wheel is an awkward experience for most people. Driving school helps new drivers get use to driving in a safe environment.
  2. It teaches you proper techniques: Driving schools help drivers avoid common bad habits when behind the wheel that could get them into trouble down the road.
  3. It builds your confidence: While they say that practice makes perfect, practice also helps to build your confidence as a driver when behind the wheel.
  4. You will be better prepared to drive: You will not only be better prepared to pass your driving test, you will also be better prepared to handle all the situations you encounter when on the road.
  5. You will learn the rules of the road: Driving schools will help you not only learn, but also understand the rules and laws of the road. This will help to keep you a safe a law abiding driver.
  6. It helps you build a solid driving foundation: Driving school helps new drivers build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that they can use for the rest of their driving lives.
  7. You reduce your chances of getting into an accident: The experience that you gain through driver education will help you to better understand what to do in tough driving situations. This will help you avoid getting into accidents.
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Making the choice of going to a driving school is a wise one.

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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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