Nobody today needs an introduction to programming. Every app we use, every game we play or every website we visit, it is the task of a programmer. So just in case you wish to thank someone after making a high score in a game or transferring money safely to someone you care about, you know who you should be grateful to.

To be honest, learning programming has many perks. It is not just about being able to lead a life full of challenges, being able to think, sometimes over-think, and so on. The bottom line is, programming pays very well, and all the thinking and over-thinking we talk about is more than compensated if one is able to learn and apply it the proper way. This article will be an introduction to the most in-demand programming languages.

The list is as follows:

SQL (pronounced ‘sequel’): It should not be a matter of surprise to see SQL leading the squad. The wide use of this efficient programming language makes this position of the language in this list quite evident. Database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server power big businesses and small businesses alike apart from educational institutions, hospitals and banks. To summarize it, every person who has access to modern technology, has at least once in his life come in touch with SQL.

Java: An Object Oriented Programming language, Java is one of the most widely used languages in the entire world with over 9 million developers and over 7 billion devices using it. It can be called the origin of Android, and all native Android applications are developed using this programming language. The popularity of this language can be attributed to its simplicity and ability to be understood without much complexity, apart from its extremely versatile nature. If at all this inspires you to learn this language, Java is used to power major websites like, and Senior developers of this language receive extremely lucrative wages.christine-bailey-programming-wallpaper-hd-470192

JavaScript: Here is a point to note that Java and JavaScript are not the same. It too, like Java, is very popular among modern day programmers because of its versatile nature. JavaScript is basically used to spice up web pages, create pop ups and develop certain types of games. One should also observe the fact that JavaScript is also the scripting language of the World Wide Web and is kind of built in by default in most web browsers including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The 21st century being an era of internet, I think it is acceptable to presume that learning JavaScript brings endless opportunities.

C#: C# (pronounced C- sharp) is a much newer addition to the world of programming languages. Dating back to as late as 2000, C# was designed by Microsoft to deal with the growing demand of applications working on the .NET framework. C# is, as the name suggests, an evolved form of C and C++, and is widely acclaimed as a simple OOP language.

C++: Most people who say that this language is much like Java (or vice versa, depending on the perspective), are not completely wrong as there are some striking similarities. Apart from the comparison, there is ample space to talk about its usefulness. C++ is a multipurpose Object Oriented Programming Language. The language is used for Adobe and Microsoft applications, Mac OS/X and audio/video processing. Learning this language is of great importance for a professional programmer.

PHP: Here is a fun fact, PHP was never meant to be a separate programming language. It was originally a set of tools meant to help the designer maintain his Personal Home Page (or PHP). Today, it is mainly regarded as a scripting language running on servers, mainly to create web pages written in HTML. PHP is a very easy to use programming language, and this precisely is the reason why it is very popular among the novice class. However, PHP provides ample opportunities for professionals alike.

Python: Well, as far as the opinions of programmers are concerned, Python happens to be the simplest of all programming languages. Due to its closeness with normal English and extremely readable nature, it is very popular among the beginners. Many leading universities in the world have maintained that Python should be the first programming language every programmer should begin with. Apart from being a boon to the beginners, the language opens a sea of opportunities for the professionals and amateurs.

Apart from the above mentioned programming languages, C, Swift, Perl, Ruby have been very important contributors in the software development industry.

Since you are reading this article, it is inherent that you are aware of the importance of learning programming languages. So begin today! Click here to find programming institutes near you.

Written by Pranjal Mondal

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