1. Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo

You do remember Natti? And his friends. This storyline of this series was about a vendor who sold his famous Vada paav and made friends with a bunch of cool teenagers. Here is the amazing part- Natwarlal aka Natti, was a ghost who needed to do a number of good deeds in order to enter heaven. The amazing cast and story had every kids attention when Natti helped his friends who he called “babua log” to defeat the evil Gappu!

  1. Shaka laka boom boom

Who can forget Sanju and his magic pencil? That one pencil with which he could draw anything and it would magically appear for real! But it had its cons too. The endless list of evil characters who wanted the pencil mixed with the fun adventures of Sanju and his friends made the show a hit amongst kids!

  1. Karishma ka karishma

This was a show about Vikram (scientist) who made a robot kid called karishma and who looked exactly like a human girl. Each character had an amazing comic timing with the perfect blend of cuteness!

  1. Son Pari


This was an all-time favourite! A pretty fairy, a funny genie, an innocent girl with daily family issues and lots of magic that began with a simple magic crystal ball!

  1. Shararat

This was the one show that every girl must have seen! The story revolved around Jiya, her granny and her mother. All three had magical powers that created the most hilarious problems. At that time, Karanvir Bohra aka Dhruv (Jiya’s love interest) was the new TV heart throb as well!

  1. Vikral aur Gabral

This one is horror series that was about Gabroo, a supernatural dwarf who wants to become a Ghostbuster like Vikraal! Nothing made the kids go to bed like this one show!

  1. Takeshi’s Castle



This was that one show which had humour combine with stunts. The show had its players (usually famous TV celebrities) face challenges that made them trip, drip and make us all laugh at the same time! Javed Jaffrey’s commentary was the icing on cake!

  1. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai


We all remember this show for its hilarious characters. The story revolved around the Sarabhai family. The main characters include sophisticated Maya, her funny husband Indravadan, intelligent Sahil, mama’s boy Rosesh (their sons) and the middle class Monisha (Sahil’s wife). There are multiple reasons why we still miss the show, Rosesh’s poetry for one!







Written by Varnika Chauhan

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