A few months the Chhattisgarh Home Department made it compulsory for motorcycle users to use helmets while driving. This decision although a bit late is a welcome decision. According to statistics, more than 3600 deaths and more than 12, 000 injuries occurred due to road accidents in 2013-14. A lot of accidents could have been prevented had the safety instructions like wearing helmets and wearing seatbelts belt been followed. In fact according to studies a helmet reduces the risk of head injuries by up to 40%. As a result of the Home Department directive, the local market has been flooded with a helmets of all kinds, some even without requisite the requisite quality standards posing a risk for all buyers. So let us now look at some of the key facts that a buyer needs to know before purchasing a motorcycle helmet.

A helmet is among the few products sold in the world which may or may not fulfil its true use during the course of its life. And that is a good thing because if it does it will involve an accident. But still many people believe that they don’t need it since they are cautious drivers. But people do forget two things when taking this decision. One is the condition of our roads in India. The other is the famous punch line from that Ceat Ad “Because the roads are full of idiots”.  The helmet when it does help, comes into play during the crucial first few seconds of the road accident by absorbing and spreading the area of impact.  The exterior of the helmets is usually made from polycarbonate plastic which is designed to absorb the energy from the impact of accidents and self destruct, so as to transfer as little force as possible to the head. The interior of the helmet meanwhile is made from soft foam and fabric to cushion the head.
There are different kinds of helmet available in the market for the buyer to choose from nowadays. These helmets which are classified based on the area of protection that each of them offers are Full Face Helmets, Off-Road Helmets, Modular Helmets, Open Face Helmets and Half Helmets. Of these Full Face helmets which cover the entire face are the ones which offer the most protection. Off-Road helmets which are most used by motocross racers has no visors to accommodate the riders goggles. Modular helmets which are also called the flip-up helmets lie between both full face and open face helmets. This helmet has a chin bar and visor that can be flipped up. But this is generally not advisable as the chin strap if not properly positioned can cause an injury during accidents. Open face helmets are those with no visors or chin straps leaving most of the face unprotected. Lastly we have the Half helmets which cover just the top and back of the head offer the least amount of protection to its user.
Once you decide on the type of helmet that you want to use the next thing that you need to look at is its quality certifications. Currently there are a lot of helmets without any certification popping up in the market which can pose a threat to the life of the driver. So look for ISI certification on the helmets. If you are considering imported helmets then look for helmets with DOT(US), ECE(European) and AUS(Australian) Certification.  The colour of the helmet is not something a lot of people prioritise on but it is better to choose a lighter colour than a darker colour. The reason is similar to why safety workers would wear fluorescent suits. The brighter colour would make them more visible to the others and help avoid accidents.
Now that we have looked at some of the more basic things lets discuss the fit and comfort. Your helmet should ideally fit you in such a manner that it is still stable when you shake your head side-to-side, front-to-back or up-and-down. It should tightly grip your cheeks, jaws and back of your head. A helmet that is too loose will easily come off during an accident while one that is too tight will make it very uncomfortable to wear and unfit for long journeys. Finally when coming to the cost chances are that the helmet which fits you best, is comfortable and has the best features will cost more.  But if a cheaper one also fits you well and also have the same quality certifications as the more expensive one you can buy it as well since they would offer comparable protection.
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