Women in Chhattisgarh, like the ones in the rest of the country, are multitaskers. They are responsible for preparing food for the family, daily household chores, dropping and picking up kids from school, sitting over them while they finish their homework, taking care of the in-laws and the husband when he returns back from work and so on. Their list of daily duties is long and it’s natural that they develop mental and physical stress owing to that. While beauty parlors can provide expert treatment for hair, face, skin and the whole body, some of them also do so in a way that pampers women and relaxes them. That in itself can be one of the biggest benefits of going to beauty parlors in Raipur.

There are a lot of beauty parlors and often it’s confusing to choose the best among them. Below are a few factors one must keep in mind while deciding between them.

Reputation – Beauty Parlor is a business that demands lot of trust. Customers must be willing to trust the beautician with their hair, face, skin etc. The easiest way to find a trustworthy parlor is to check with friends and family members for their recommended parlors. Most of these parlors are listed on local search engines, like myQuickSearch.in these days. Also, some of them would have their website or Facebook pages. Check out the user reviews and ratings there.

Location – It’s always convenient if the beauty salon is located nearby or in the neighborhood locality, so that you don’t have to commute. Even if it is far, check out if they have car-parking facility. This is especially pertinent for bigger and busier cities like Raipur, Durg-Bhilai and Bilaspur because of the worsening traffic conditions there.

Training of Staff – Customers should take into consideration if the parlor has a team of professionally trained staff. In addition look for the various accolades and awards won by it to get a clearer picture of its standing in the market. Sometimes, parlors have arrangements for visiting experts. That might be an added benefit worth keeping in mind.

Equipments – Check if it has all the latest equipments and tools needed to properly serve your requirements. Also, make sure they are well maintained and in good condition. Beds for facial and massage should be neat and clean.

Price – It is one of the most important criteria which should be taken into consideration. Make sure the price is reasonable. However, it might not be prudent to just go for the lowest cost one as well, as they might be compromising on level of service, quality of products etc.

Service Environment – The service environment should be pleasing and friendly. Staff should be courteous and friendly. Ideally, the service room should be temperature controlled so that you are comfortable while being treated. This is especially important for a city like Raipur which witnesses extreme heat during summer and cold during winter season.

Type of Products Used for Treatment – Take a note of the type and quality of beauty products being used by a parlor. While most of them use common cosmetic brands like Vella, L’Oreal, Lakme, Maybelline, Echosline etc, others prefer herbal and organic beauty products like Shahnaz Hussain. Make sure it’s consistent with your preferences.

Deals and Discounts on salon services – There are many parlors that offer deals and discounts as a way to attract new customers. Customers can benefit from it and make their salon service more affordable. The easiest way to get the latest deals and discounts offered by salons is through the reverse auction services offered by local search engines. MyQuickSearch.in offers such a service in Raipur, Durg-Bhilai, Bilaspur and other cities of Chhattisgarh.

Many users prefer to perform hair-cuts, bleaching, perm, hair coloring, dyeing, facials etc. themselves. While it is certainly possible, it’s better to let experts take care of those professionally. It will decrease chances of damage to your hair and skin due to over processing, lack of proper procedure etc.

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