Parenting is one of the toughest jobs on this planet and right parenting is far difficult than anyone can think of. You need to focus on each and every detail of your kid’s life and plan it in a way that your little one gets the best of everything. All parents want that, isn’t it? It is often said that children are like soiled mud and can be given any form, all it takes is what they learn in the initial years of their lives and their personalities are built accordingly. After home, schools play a very important role in a child’s life because children spend almost one-third of their day at school. Thus, choosing the best nursery school for your kid becomes as important as choosing the right food for them.

Choosing the best play group school in Raipur is no more difficult. Here are some tips that can help you find the best nursery schools in Raipur:

1. Start your search by talking to your friends and relatives whose children have recently joined nursery schools or play group schools in Raipur. Ask them more about how did they search for the nursery school for their child and the reasons they chose that school for. Prepare a comparative of all the play-group schools in Raipur as suggested by your friends and relatives.

2. Visit the schools that you have shortlisted based on the comparative prepared by you. Ask for the Brochures, talk to the Registrar or the Admin Head about the philosophy of the school to see if it matches your family values or if you would want your child grow in the atmosphere provided by the school.

3. Talk to the teachers from different nursery schools. This would give you a fair idea if your child is in safe hands. Teachers are considered equivalent to God in the Vedic literature, not only because they help children qualify educationally but also because they help groom a child’s personality, they help them learn those lessons in life that parents at times cannot, they help children become better individuals in life. Thus, avoid schools with teachers who are authoritarian. Instead, seek for schools and teachers who keep the lines for communication open and still help your child understand the difference between right and wrong.

4. Be careful by choosing the best play group school, the one which doesn’t concentrate on books only but has interactive teaching sessions, where children learn while they play or interact. Nursery schools which have facilities for different art forms where children learn what they like to learn should be chosen.

5. It is not about the name and standard of the school that you should go for. Seek for a school that might not have a huge brand name but is committed to providing the best education and educational facilities to its students so that they do not face any issues in their years of growth.

6. Look for a school that is not too far from your house. You don’t want your child to be exhausted just by travelling to and from the school.

7. Focus on the pedagogy followed in the school. Is the school too focused on teaching A-B-C-D and 1-2-3-4? Counterintuitive that may sound, but it’s not a good sign, especially in the formative years of their mind. Ideally the school should let the child experience various streams and arts through games and fun activities so as to let him/her decide his own favorite.

Choosing the right Play Group or Nursery School is not easy but given the impact that it can have on your child’s grooming, it would be worthy of the time and effort spent.

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