Someone has rightly said: “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul”.The two-wheeler is probably one of the best inventions ever. Flexibility, speed, better navigation through traffic, you name it! Once you get used to riding a two-wheeler, a car will seem too bleak and boring, more so if you are from a city with bad traffic.

So what does a two-wheeler give you that you cannot get from a four wheeler?

It is an easy and economical means of transport, It will cost you less while giving you more. It consumes less fuel compared to four wheelers such as cars and trucks. It has comparatively less wear and tear, therefore, maintenance cost is not very high.

The next question that arises is which bike to choose?

We are so spoilt for choice these days that we find it difficult to zero in on something. For starters, you might want to set your budget right. With that done, you would have reduced your choice by a good percentage. If you are looking for a trusted and admired brand, look no further than TVS.

In India, TVS is a household name. The company was born in 1911, thanks to the ambitious dreams of the founding father, T.V Sundaram lyengar, who refused to settle managing smaller businesses like bus fleet operations or vehicle servicing. He wanted to build a business that would create a family of like-minded individuals pursuing only the best in quality and standards. And he made his dreams a reality.

The success of the TVS group is rooted in their founder’s personal belief system – commitment to the values of trust and customer service. In fact, although the company is named after the founder, the letters TVS have always stood for Trust, Value, and Service within the company.

This remains the guiding, overarching philosophy by which the group functions. It was only natural that success and market leadership followed. Today, the TVS group is one of India’s leading suppliers of automotive components, with a work force of 40,000 people across 30 companies with an annual turnover of USD 7.29 billion. The first four companies in India to have won the coveted Deming Prize are from the TVS group.

The mission statement of the company reads: “We are committed to being a highly profitable, socially responsible, and leading manufacturer of high value for money, environmentally friendly, lifetime personal transportation products under the TVS brand, for customers predominantly in Asian markets and to provide fulfilment and prosperity for employees, dealers and suppliers.”

Their website says that: TVS Motor Company is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and one among the top ten in the world, with annual revenue of more than Rs. 10,131 Cr in 2014-15 (around USD 1.6 billion), and is the flagship company of the, USD 7.29 billion in 2013-14, TVS Group. The company has a production capacity of 3 million 2 wheelers & 1.2 Lakh 3 wheelers a year.

TVS Group spans across industries like Automobile, Aviation, Education, Electronics, Energy, Finance, Housing, Insurance, Investment, Logistics, Service, textiles. Has over 90 Companies under the umbrella.

TVS Motor currently manufactures a wide range of two-wheelers. Take your pick from mopeds to racing inspired motorcycles.
Motorcycles (Apache Series RTR, Phoenix 125, StaR City+, Sport, Max4R)
Scooters (Jupiter, Wego, Scooty Zest 110, Scooty Streak, Scooty Pep +)
Mopeds (TVS XL Super, TVS XL Heavy Duty)

TVS has been at the forefront in bringing a revolution in personal commutation since the 1980s. Beginning with launching a simple, easy-to-use moped for the middle class in India in the 1980s to launching 7 new bikes in a single day (first time in the history of the automotive industry in the world), TVS has often taken the unbeaten path to innovation.

So, if you have been thinking about gifting yourself a great gift this season, a bike/scooty from TVS would be the perfect choice. Here’s a list of some of the dealers in TVS around Raipur.

If you are already a loyal customer of the company and are looking for getting your vehicle fixed or upgraded, this is the perfect place. You can find repair and service centers around Raipur to solve all your vehicle-related problems. Check out cool helmets at these stores too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your zoom on, get a TVS!

Written by Sangeetha Alwar

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