In a country like India, tea as a beverage is super famous. You can literally find a tea stall on every other road and a huge amount of the population are those that consume tea at least once or twice a day. While most claim to be addicted to tea and cannot pass a day without it, others look at it as a flavored beverage which is a way of getting fluid into the body. However, there are more varieties of tea than those known to people commonly. The benefits of these different teas vary and which tea you drink and how frequently makes a huge difference. Broadly, tea is classified into herbal and nonherbal and depending on each person’s preference, here are a few teas that you should know about and their benefits:


1) Green Tea: For all those health conscious people out there, this is your best bet. Green tea is said to be extremely rich in anti-oxidants which in turn improves your immunity, making you immune to a whole bunch of diseases. It is also said to improve the quality of brain functioning, thus making you sharper and help you concentrate better at the same time. Apart from this, green tea reduces the risk of cancer and Alzheimers and also helps promote significant weight loss by increasing the metabolism rate in the body.

2) Herbal tea: Herbal tea is that family of tea wherein the tea does not contain any leaves that are obtained from the Camellia plant. Instead, herbal tea is essentially an infusion of pure herbs that have medicinal properties, flowers and sometimes even fruits. As the name itself suggests, herbal tea has many health benefits such as anti-aging and anti-nausea. It is also said to be effective for those who suffer from stress or mood swings. For those who often deal with digestion problems and gastric, drinking herbal tea twice a day helps regulate the digestion process to a great extent as well. Apart from this, herbal tea is also said to regulate blood pressure.

3) White tea: White tea is said to be the purest form of tea as it undergoes the least processing, thus retaining all its goodness. It has a flavor which is not very overpowering and the concoction itself is light in color. Known for its natural sweetness, white tea is said to have significant health benefits as well, making it one of the most sought-after tea types in the world. White tea is said to improve the quality of the skin, protecting it from UV rays as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Apart from this, it also helps fight cardiovascular and immunity-related diseases while actively maintaining good oral health.

4) Oolong tea: Oolong tea is an intermediate between black tea and green tea and is extensively consumed by the Chinese. Known for its anti-oxidant properties, oolong tea is said to be the best for those who are having trouble with losing weight. This tea is said to contain flavonoids which helps reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Apart from this, for those who suffer from inflammation-related disorders, drinking this tea once or twice a day can prove to be very beneficial. It also helps strengthen bones over a longer period of time.

5) Mate tea: Initially consumed in South America, the mate tea is said to be the “tea of the Gods” as it said that this form of tea has all the nutrition that one would need to survive. Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, this tea helps increase mental alertness and thus improves memory over a longer period of time. It also gives you a boost of energy which is all you need throughout the day. Apart from this, it also helps calm the mind and the body after a long day at work.

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Written by Pavithra Dennis

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