With the upcoming 21st century, technological advancements and the overall development in all sectors career choices are taking a whole new path. The monotonous engineering and medicine are being replaced by newer subjects. Students are becoming open to choosing the careers of their choice without parental and peer pressure.  They are opting to do what they are most passionate about.

In this respect courses in Design have been catching up in the race.

Here are all the prerequisites to taking your first step into the field of Design.

Identify the Area of Interest –

The Design Field has a number of courses based on your interests. There are aptitude tests that help you decide how capable you can be in the Design Field. These tests are called Psychomatic Tests. You can take a Psychomatic tests which are available on the internet at your disposal. So once your test result are impressive and boosts your confidence you are all set ready to choose which Design Course you would like to venture out into.

Designing is an extensively versatile field where the various design courses repeatedly overlap exposing you to other kinds of designing. For example; A product designer can also explore Interaction design where the focus lies on product- user interaction and how it can be improvised and made more state of the art with the moving time. SO if you are interested in more than one kind of designing with a little bit of research you can narrow down on one and then pursue the latter with respect to the former a little later.

The courses that are offered vary in duration and the awards that are granted to you. There are Certificate courses which last for a short period of time. Diploma programs last for a year while a degree is an extensive learning which lasts for three to four years on average. Certain colleges also offer double degree programs where you can opt to study two relative subjects simultaneously.

Some of the design courses include Communication Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Product Design, Interior Design, Automobile Design, Ceramic Design and lots more.

So once the course you would want to pursue has been shortlisted its time to look into the various institutes that offer you these courses.

Exploring the various Colleges

Compared to the number of engineering and medical colleges that are present in India there are still fewer Design Institutes but they are also increasing in number. IIT Bombay has recently opened a Post Graduate program in the User Experience Design this year. Statistics have also shown a steady increase in the annual intake of students which is almost doubling ensuring larger students’ admission.  It’s important to keep certain details in mind about the ranking of the various colleges. Various Institutes have been ranked at the top for certain field of Design but in General as of the latest census, NID Ahmadabad has been ranked at number one position.  Some of the other design institutes include Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID Pune), Pearl Academy ( Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur) National Institute of Fashion Technology ( NIFT Delhi, Bangalore, Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar, Gandhinagar, Jodhpur, Kanpur, Mumbai, Patna, Shillong, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhopal) Shrishti Institute of Design (Bangalore), Raffles ( Mumbai, Bangalore) among some.

The cut off and the various requirements for each of these institute varies so keeping ht in mind is also important.


This is the crucial bit which needs to be given keen importance. Most of the colleges expect a sample of your previous work that you have done in the span of the past two years. This work can be very diverse from Photography you have done, a short movie you have made, Animations, Garments you have designed, Graphics you have created etc. This compilation of your work is called a portfolio. It enhances your capabilities and shows off the creative head you have got. So a good amount effort needs to be put into the portfolio so plan your time and start working on it at the earliest you can to get a upper hand.

Other documents that are expected include –

  • Statement of purpose- It’s an essay stating a self-introduction, why you would like to pursue design and why in the particular college you have applied. It gives an insight into your future plans if any and how you would contribute to the industry and the development process.
  • Class 10 Mark Sheet
  • Class 12 Mark sheet
  • Permanent Address proof
  • Break Certificate if applicable- This is applicable for those students who have missed a year after their 12th. It states the reason and the time duration that you have sat back before applying into the particular Institute.

Apart from this there is also an entrance exam for the individual colleges.


Preparing for the exam

Preparation plays a key role in anything you do. When you prepare the work happens very smoothly without any discrepancies. So in order to succeed in passing the entrance test with flying colors it is important to prepare for the exam. There are a number of Private institutes that train students to think on their heels and come up with the design solution in stipulated time frame hence preparing them for the reality. These institute have their own course structure through which they cover all aspects of the exam you will be facing. From drawing and sketching, color rendering, design aptitude to general awareness: all taken care of.

These instates are present all over the country which train you for the various entrance exams. Some of the institutes include BRDS Ahmadabad, Arkins Bangalore, INIFD, Fasino Design Studio, Royal Institute IN Raipur and various others in various parts of the country.


Finally the time arrives when you can put all that you have learnt into good use. Giving your best shot at the entrance exam. This exam is generally in the MCQ format. It includes the design aptitude and the general awareness. The cut off or the passing marks vary from college to college. Once the first level of the test has been cleared you get one step closer to studying in a Design College. The second round is usually the Studio Test where they actually test your design abilities. Each of the colleges conduct this in different manners having different formats of evaluation ad criteria for evaluation. Once this is done the final round is all there is left. This is the personal interview round where you are expected to be a confident young adult and honestly have a casual but yet dominating conversation with the recruiting team of the college. Here it is important you don’t scared and answer all questions gracefully with etiquette and confidence.

This is not the end…..

You still need to wait for the results and dance with rejoice as you run to your friends and family and tell them that all your hard work has paid off and you have finally obtained your fruit. The official offer letter from the Institute itself.

A whole new journey begins here. New beginning, new environment and a whole new experience. Your life’s first turning point has just halted at the station.



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Written by Nisha Krishnan

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