CAT or the Common Admission Test for admission into the IIMs or the Indian Institute of Management is one of the most sought after competitive exams in India. No matter what you do, what stream you belong to or what is your background, CAT is still the most favored exam. Be it a metro city or a tier 1 or tier 2 city, CAT has its craze maintained in each of the place.

Same is the case with Raipur, where CAT is considered one of the most prestigious examinations. However, like any other city, Raipur’s students also have their dependence on coaching classes. Everyone wants to be a part of the best coaching classes so that they have the best chance of clearing the exam. However, every CAT coaching class claims to be the best. Even all the CAT coaching institutes in Raipur claim the same and students often are left pondering about which coaching institute to join. For such students who are confused about choosing the right coaching class in Raipur, the following lines might be of some help.

    • Location of the Coaching institute – It is of paramount importance that the location of the coaching institute is kept in sight before zeroing in on any one institute. If the coaching institute is too far from your location then there would be a lot of time being wasted on account of travel. One should find a coaching institute which is close to his/her place.
    • Affordability– Another important aspect is that of affordability. Some of the coaching centers are asking for too much money on the pretext of a sure shot top notch percentile, which is not the right thing to do. There is not much difference between the coaching levels of various coaching institutes and thus, wasting a huge sum on coaching only can be detrimental.
    • Individual Deal– One has to keep in mind his/her personal goals and needs in mind before joining any CAT coaching class. A fresher, a professional, a student who is good in English and a person who is good at Quant, they all have different needs and thus, should not come on a decision without analyzing their personal strengths and weaknesses.
These points must be kept in mind before finalizing the coaching class. This is because of the fact that the aforementioned lines will help you in selecting the right deal for yourself. There are a lot of CAT coaching institutes in Raipur and some of them have become huge hits too. Better Think in Shankar Nagar, Career Forum in Shankar Nagar, Career Launcher at GT road, Pro C Education in Samta Colony and TIME at Shivaji Chowk are some of the best in the business when it comes to CAT coaching institutes in Raipur. Thus, when it comes to CAT coaching classes, it is of paramount importance to keep in mind the tips that have been mentioned above. Remember that there is no substitute to hard work and a coaching class can only guide you through the forest and you will reach your destination through your hard work only.

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