We all like to be fashion experts in our own ways. We try new outfits, mix and match them and play with the colors to define our style. All good till now! But sometimes the self-proclaimed fashion gurus can go a bit off track and end up with disasters. The worst pat comes when the celebrities or influential people popularize the weird trends and they spread like wildfire, consume the masses and make many look like cartoons from our worst nightmares!!!!!!!

If you are wondering what I am talking about, then here you go:


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The word only sounds pathetic in itself! You may have heard of leggings! They are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. But what could meggings possibly be? That’s right! They are leggings for men. They are quite a trend in London and New York. So when ladies wear leggings, a sleek look can be achieved and they are highly versatile. But on men, we are not so sure!


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You know those tiny creatures always creating issues in fairy tales? Yes, I am talking about elves! Apparently, they have inspired the design of boots in Mexico and people like it. These boots are long, pointy and curved to give an edgy look. I do not get how people (men) came to wearing and loving these because they all they look are funny!


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Can we take a moment to acknowledge the obsession of jewelry some people might have? Especially the ones, who try this on! I mean, eye makeup is fine and stylish but having jewelry  put on the eyes itself is nothing but insane! This trend popularized by The Dutch, involves small studs made of metal to be inserted into the eye because they think it is pretty and perfectly harmless. Eye specialists argue that this procedure can do considerable damage to human eye. But then we have the maniacs!


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Pronounce this word for about 5 times and something will strike you. Does this word not have the same ring to it as – Bikini! So a facekini is a bikini meant for the face. Its actual purpose is not crazy at all though. It is meant to protect the face from the harmful sun rays. What is weird is the way it makes people look. – From the future (the not so bright one).



Sorry for including this, but I just had to! I admit the picture is looks painful but it is a trend that many people from Japan like to try. It is a kind of body modification which involves injecting saline solution into the forehead to get a bagel shape on the forehead. The swelling is then pressed at the center to get the typical doughnut look. Let me know, if you are ever to able to understand the psychology of people who go through with this!


Written by Varnika Chauhan

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