There is no doubt that Clothes are like oxygen! It is inevitable for our existence and something impossible to live without. Wearing good clothes is even more important as your clothes give the first impression about your demeanour. It is your clothes which set the preconception and prejudices in the minds of others. You might be super intelligent and very talented but if you do not wear the right clothes then the probability of getting your work done, drops down to 50%. So, what you should do is wear right clothes at all occasions. In order to do this, you need to be aware of a few tips and tricks that will help you make the right choice before buying those expensive clothes, save your time and maybe some money! Read on to find more….

  1. What’s the occasion?

You should always keep the occasion in mind before you decide to buy something. You do not want to wear your nightdress for a morning walk or your evening stroll. Similarly, you need to be really at your best when you walk in for an interview.

Some people tend to think that it is more trendy, cool and fashionable to wear funky clothes and whatever you want anytime and anywhere. They tend to think that it reflects their impervious and nonchalance attitude towards the crap system and the choice of your clothes reflects your independence and open-mindedness.

But this is not always true because there is a right time for everything. Wearing a funky outfit which calls for a formal occasion does not really show your open-mindedness, rather it sets a wrong impression of your image. So, be careful of your choice of clothes based on the occasion you are buying them for.




  1. What do you really want?

When you are deciding on a shopping trip you need to be really sure about what it is that you want. With the wide range of clothes available for shopping and new types emerging day by day, you are definitely going to get a hell lot confused. This can cost you so much time and money.

So, before you decide on a shopping trip, you must clear your mind. Think of all your options before hand, keep in mind the weight of your money bag and make sure to picture yourself in whatever you want. This will help make your decision firm and strong. If it is a skirt or palazzo that you want then you should head straight in that direct, instead of chasing after those dresses and skin tight jeans! So, clear your head and make up your mind!

I remember going shopping for formals like Shirt and Plain Jeans, but I got carried away and ended up buying 2-3 dresses which were not necessary at all. Do not end up wasting your money like me and buy just what you want! Control your mind and your desires!




  1. Try it on!

Now, this is something which everyone knows as it is fairly obvious. But needless to say, it is the most important thing in the whole process of choosing and buying clothes. You have to try on the apparel before you decide to buy anything! Many people are discouraged by the long queue for the trial rooms and their laziness takes over their will to buy right! So, what you need to do is be determined and not let your spirits get down so easily. Even if it is too late, even if there is a long queue, you need to have patience. Think about all the trouble that you have to go through when you get home and find out that the dress does not fit or is slightly tight. So, never fail to try on your clothes. Be absolutely sure, before you decide to buy anything!




  1. Look for the Quality!

Different brands have different price tags and different quality. You do not want to pay 1000 bucks for a quality that asks for 100. So, you need to check the quality of the cloth before buying, whether its smooth, rough or if the yarns are just coming off the hem of a dress etc. Make sure to double check the seams, the stitching and the quality of the fabric used. If possible, try out a brand first and if you like it then stick to buying clothes of the same brand. See that it lasts longer than you expected so that you do not need to take another shopping trip anytime soon.

  1. Do not blindly believe in the fashion trends!

You need to see what works out the best for you and pick out the right garments. Find colours that work for you. Not everything that is in fashion, will look good on you. As for instance, palazzos with long Kurtis are quite turning the heat these days, but it is not necessary that it will look good on everyone. You need to keep in your mind your build before you choose something for you. I bought a pair of green palazzos out of blind faith on the current fashion trend, but it’s still lying deep inside my wardrobe, as the palazzo does not suit my body build. So, do not take anything for granted and be sure about what you buy.

So, now that you know all these tips, grab your money bag and get going! Last but not the least, make sure that you have enough in your wallet before you spend the whole thing. We often tend to not be in control of our minds when we are shopping out there. You should not be so absorbed in shopping that you totally forget about your other needs….So, go ahead and visit your nearest shops and malls at Clothing stores in Raipur and enrich your wardrobe!

Written by Deepanwita Dey

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