When you are young and someone asks you the question “What do you want to become?”, You happily answer a teacher, a Pilot, a superhero or a Princess!”. Everyone laughs out loud and you feel proud of your answer and somehow you are sure that you are going to be what you dream about now. You are about to finish your high school and your parents ask you again “What have you planned for your future?”. The same old question, but this time they want a firm answer. You cannot avoid the question or get away from it with witty answers. You are expected to be serious and mean what you say.

One of the most tiresome and difficult job in the world is to choose your subjects for graduation. This task is very intricated and stressful because you have a plethora of courses to choose from and you need to keep a lot of factors in mind like your financial condition, your interests and aptitude for the subject, the location, the duration of the course, future possibilities etc.

Here are 5 courses that you can choose from after class 12th, which can help ease some of your tensions.

  1. Engineering / Medical

If you are really a science kid and you love your subject very much then these two popular fields are probably the best for you. If you love Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology etc. and want to work with machines, invent new stuff, work with software or electronics, engineering has a wide range of fields that you can choose from. On the other hand, if you have also thought about being a doctor then, Medical Sciences is the best field for you.

The process in both the cases might seem tough because there are no shortcuts. You have to devote all your time to studies and work very hard. Even to get admitted to these courses, you have to study day and night. Once started, you cannot give up. You have to have patience and the required interest in order to pursue these courses.



  1. Honours Courses

Even though Engineering and Medical, are the popular courses and what everyone thinks that they should do, it is a wrong assumption that pursuing any other course will bring down your reputation in any way. The proper basis for your determination of a course must be your interest. Going with the crowd can seem logical but soon turn out to be quite a bad decision and you don’t want to be in trouble or waste a year of your life, to come to your senses.

If you have any interest in a particular subject, you can go for pursuing Honours course in that subject. An Honours course means that you are specialising in one subject and it has a lot of future possibilities from the career point of view. As for instance, if you love literature you can go for English Honours course, or Maths Honours or History Honours etc.

Honours courses are very reputable and they are not limited to a particular field. Every subject, even music and dance honours are very interesting with large domains of possibilities and opportunities.



  1. Research & Development

If you want to know more and explore the depths of a particular subject, then research and development is the best choice for you. As for example, agricultural sciences, life sciences, physical sciences etc. are gaining a lot of importance and attention these days. Even forensics, pharmaceuticals, political science, economics and statistics are very interesting and promising. You can start by pursuing an Honours course (if you have a specific field in mind) or any graduate degree and then move on to pursue an integrated MA/MSc program which will help you get on with your PhD along with your post-graduation.



  1. Artistic Courses

Academics are not the only options for you. If you are very interested and have the patience and courage to follow your instincts and passion for your talent, then you can also go for courses in that area. This includes fashion designing, graphic designing, music and dance, acting and cooking schools etc. if you can cook well, you can become a professional chef. Similarly, you can become a professional designer, photographer, instructor etc. as long as you have the necessary interest and patience driving you towards your passion.



  1. UPSC & Other Competitive Exams!

If you are looking for a career as a civil servant or a government job, you can pursue any graduate degree of your choice and start preparing simultaneously for the Civil Services and other competitive examinations. You can also opt for dividing your time between your college and your coaching classes. This will help you stay focused and gain experiences in the various government jobs and exams.


So, dig up your mind, find what excites you and work hard once you make up your mind. Find your course, look at the colleges and start preparing for the entrances soon. Also, take a look at Coaching Classes in Raipur and start preparing NOW!

Written by Deepanwita Dey

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