Dance and going to the gym have a lot in common. It can often be a very confusing choice as to which one to pursue to suit your body requirements such as, weight loss and toning your body. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with going to the gym. Hence, it is extremely important to keep this factor in mind before deciding which option to pursue.

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Some significant advantages of dance over a health club or gym are:

  1. Dance works on the entire body and on a wider group of muscles this helps to shape up and make your entire body fit as compared to exercises which focus on one muscle at a time helping to focus and tone only that particular muscle.
  2. Dance helps to loosen and relax your body on the whole. Dance increases your body flexibility and helps to make your more agile. As a result, practicing dance helps you while performing day to day functions like walking, bending and lifting loads. Gym and exercise work outs on the other hand tend to make your body stiff post the workout which does not give you enough comfort and space to carry out the remaining tasks of the day.
  3.  Dance is more holistic and involves your body as well as your emotional faculties, as a result it helps you in attaining mental peace and stable state of mind. On the other hand, gym routines are purely physical and do not cater to the other faculties of your body and health, such as mental and spiritual stability.
  4. While dancing your body and mind work in tandem.The body is trained to closely follow all the instructions given by the mind. This increases body and mind coordination. Whereas in the case of gym and exercises, the mind gives slow instructions to the body which the body processes slowly and then executes. This in no way helps to improve mind and body coordination.
  5. Physical exercises are often taxing and tiring on your body. However, dance is a slow and soothing process that helps your body to rejuvenate and tone up at the same time. It doesn’t drain your body and make you feel weak and weary.
  6. Dance is overall more pleasurable and peaceful. It goes hand in hand with music and this combination has proven to have many beneficial results on the mind and body.
  7. Dance in general is a more well accepted profession as compared to being a gym instructor or a body builder. There are more career avenues available for a dancer when compared to a body builder.
  8. Overall, dance helps to make you a more socially acceptable person. As by learning the skill you can stand out at social gatherings and marriages where you will make a statement with your moves. For you to be able to do this your body muscles need to be able to work in synchronization and coordination.
  9. It is well known that going to the gym or doing a rigorous physical routine is highly beneficial for your body. In terms of burning calories and toning up. Of all these various ways of losing weight, dance is a very established form and is one of the best ways to achieve the desired results. New fitness routines like Zumba are now getting more and more popular amidst the young and old alike. To learn more on Zumba, visit the exclusive article on the QuickSearch website related to Zumba.

These are the multiple benefits of dancing. Along with burning the calories your mood gets boosted and many other benefits.


So now switch to dancing! Find a good dance class near you by visiting the QuickSearch website.

Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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