English is something which is indispensable. It’s absolutely necessary as it is one of the World’s most spoken language. It has become as necessary as air for sustenance. English is known globally for its simplicity and innovative nature. Apart from its great use for all kinds of business, social and economic interactive purposes, English is also very interesting and an enjoyable language.
English speaking and writing skills is very important in today’s worlds. Whether you go for job interviews or simply are talking to a person from different state, English is the most important and common dialect which links everyone. It is a language fairly simple and cool, something which you can really enjoy speaking. But this is only true, if you have a good knowledge of the language. English is the language which connects us all together. It’s sort of a bridge which everyone needs to cross. Here are 5 reasons which will convince you why learning English is absolutely necessary.


Knowing English is something expected you!
As mentioned, English is the most widely used language globally. Research shows that more than 70% of the world conversations are in English language. Learning English would make you bilingual and therefore increase your employment opportunities.

 Exposure to other countries and cultures!
Great Britain expanded in the colonial age and spread their language throughout the world and across continents like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, parts of Africa, India, and many smaller island nations speak English. English is also the commonly adopted second language in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. So, learning English opens up these countries and cultures to you and knowing English can help you a lot if you ever decide to pay visit to these places.

 English is ‘THE’ language!
English is the language of science. It is also the language used for studying various other subjects like Economics, History, Geography etc. It makes it easier for you to pursue your further studies, academic life and career if you know the language well!

 A Business Language!
English is also the language of business. With increasing globalization, the demand for English is also increasing day by day. If you are looking forward to join the global workforce someday then learning English is highly important. Research from all over the world shows that cross border business communications are conducted in English, highlighting the importance of English in the global market place.

Other Benefits!
Although learning English might seem time consuming and a tedious process, it is all worth it. This is because of the usefulness of the language. Most of the Internet content (more than 50%) is in English and hence by knowing the language you can spend more and more time on the internet, enhancing your knowledge every second. You will also have access to greater wealth of entertainment at your feet with all the English Books, Movies and Artists. You would never need a translator if you visit a different state in India (especially the South) where people don’t speak Hindi or your mother tongue. The ability to converse with anyone without any hesitation, is what makes the language very interesting and tempting to learn.

Why should you get a tutor for learning English?
Learning English on your own can seem quite difficult and next to impossible. And fluency in English and a good vocabulary is very important to survive in the 21st century. A “good” English tutor is highly necessary for you to excel in English. There are many online courses, books and magazines to help you learn English. But the experience is not so good. This is mainly because half of the time you do not realize the number of mistakes you are making. There is no one to rectify your pronunciation mistakes and help you learn it well and quick. So, you must look for good English speaking classes which can help you learn proficient English in no time.
These classes would be helpful for your life because whatever you opt for fluency in English is something which is expected of you. Your further studies, your academic life and career, everything will go down easily if you can speak English eloquently and write flawlessly. So, check out the best and the nearest English Classes in Raipur and learn well!

Some Tips & Tricks!!
A few tips which can help make the process of learning easier: Listen to some popular English songs with subtitles. Watch popular English movies with subtitles. Read a book out loud. Be flawless with your grammar. You have to read more and write more. And last but not the least, you should always try making conversations in English.


Written by Deepanwita Dey

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