Tally is essentially an accounting software which is used all throughout the world, including India. Though there was other accounting software in the past, Tally is one which has been consistently used since a long time now with only slight variations in the versions being used. Simply put, Tally is used for daily accounting, inventory maintenance, to finalize balance sheets, computation of tax etc. With the introduction of the GST concept in India, Tally has now gained even more popularity making it one of the accounting software that is most sought after for accounting procedures.


What makes Tally so advantageous are the following points:

1) Time efficient: When businesses just started out decades ago, any accounting procedure was extremely time-consuming. This was because the organization had to spend a lot of manpower and time in maintaining hard copies that would keep a check on the resource management. Not only the maintenance, but the transfer of files across managements also took a very long time. However, since Tally was introduced, the time required for this has decreased monumentally. Since it is a software, it can easily be programmed to maintain and transfer bulk data as well.

2) Sync: One of the major drawbacks in other accounting systems including a manual one was that when the data was being recorded, it would not reflect onto any other programs. For example, if some entries are made in department A, department B would know nothing of it. But with the use of Tally, this is possible. Because this is a software terminal that is extremely compatible with other platforms, employers can view the updated data files at the terminal itself. Thus, everything is synced and there is no necessity to transfer the database from department to department.

3) Efficient: Before Tally was developed, large and complicated mathematical and accounting operations was done manually. Apart from being extremely time-consuming, this gave a large probability of human error. However, after Tally was introduced, the same job can be done without any errors. Thus, the data integrity is not compromised in any way. Business transactions are smoother as exact information and exact figures are being exchanged among organizations. Also because the organization does not have to spend time on handling accounting books and in checking for errors, it can utilize that time in other fields that require more attention.

4) Profit: Accounting organizations are able to see significant growth in their organization as well as monetary gains because of the usage of Tally. Tally is the one stop shop for all accounting related transactions such as asset management, payroll, merchant accounts and sales. When a client approaches the organization, he/she is satisfied with the work because everything the client may need is is one place only, The data required is flashed within minutes, which makes it very customer friendly. This, in turn, increases the profit of the organization as the customer is satisfied with the quick value services being provided.

5) User-friendly: What makes Tally a boon for organizations is its ease of access. Any person who has a basic qualification can enroll themselves in a Tally class. At the end of a month or so, the person will be able to efficiently utilize the features of Tally for any accounting jobs needed. That is how user-friendly Tally is, as a software. The user interface is simple, not too laborious and is a fast software. You can conduct daily transactions including cash transactions with only a few basic steps that take a very short duration of time as well.

Thus, all in all, Tally is one of the most efficient, effective and user-friendly software for accounting out there. It is best to learn this software as it will improve your employment opportunities to a great extent. If you are already employed, then this will just add to your skill-set for future employment opportunities. If you are looking for Tally classes in Raipur, then you can find a list of them here:

Written by Pavithra Dennis

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