Sports not only teach teamwork, they also help achieve personal goals and boost self-esteem. Today, technology has taken over our lives. Whatever we need is just a click away and so, the scope of physical effort and activity is minimal. All of us are now leading a life that is engulfed in a very sedentary lifestyle, which is, needless to say, very unhealthy. In order to get over the fact that we’ve become couch potatoes, we crowd to the gym every morning. Around the world, sport has been the most accepted way to keep you healthy.

Phrases that have been coined about sports like “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” and “healthy mind in a healthy body” still hold true to this day and have been reaffirmed by researchers world over.

1) Fitness and entertainment all-in-one
Not only can you have fun participating in sports, you can have more fun watching it. Recreation is a very important, yet mostly ignored part of our routine as people seldom find time for themselves out of their long working hours and busy schedules. Hence, not only playing a sport provides you leisure, viewing it also does!

2) Helps you to maintain a good body weight
Sports can be your saviour! Devoting even a little time can help you combat your weight problems! It increases your metabolism, increased metabolic rate accompanied with higher body temperatures and decrease in calorie intake requirement can very effectively help you reduce weight.

3) Keeps heart problems at bay
Playing involves burning down calories, it will prevent fat globules from blocking the arteries. Taking part in such activities will help you in adding another layer of protection against heart diseases.

4) Makes your body supple and flexible
Even though you have strength and stamina, your body might be stiff and inflexible and therefore might be a drawback for you. Sports basically provide suppleness to your body and make you more agile.

5) Increases your stamina
Stamina depends on the efficiency of the lungs, heart and blood vessels. Playing increases the efficiency of both the lungs and the heart, and, in fact, the whole circulatory system. In this way, through sports we gain a healthier circulatory system as well as greater stamina.

6) Provides you with strength
Playing sport makes us use both our mental and physical strength. As it is said, “practice makes a man perfect”, practicing our physical and mental abilities through sports makes us more equipped to use them in our life more wisely.

7) Promotes self confidence
Self confidence adds a particular charm to the personality of a person. Whatever your aim may be, whatever you want to do with your life, unless you are confident about yourself and your abilities, every other aspect of your personality will lose its sheen.

So, it is very important to acquire self confidence, which is also an indication of robust mental strength. By playing sports, you gain self confidence, the healthy way. When you see yourself doing things, moving with speed and practicing other skills, you feel a sense of well being, a sense of confidence about yourself. This self confidence can help you achieve all your goals and ambitions.

According to, these are the 10 most popular games in India:

  1. Cricket
  2. Badminton
  3. Soccer
  4. Hockey
  5. Athletics
  6. Tennis
  7. Table Tennis
  8. Wrestling
  9. Basketball
  10. Football

It’s time to get out of the house and get into activities that challenge you. Participating in sports helps build leadership skills. Sports teams give you an opportunity to surround yourself with competitive people and role models, and learn from them both. You can demonstrate your own leadership through team captainships and individual actions to improve your team’s success.

Identifying the appropriate equipment for each sporting activity is an important first step, but making sure you utilize the required equipment is even more important. Some equipment that you cannot do without are helmets and guards. Helmets protect you from severe head injuries and trauma. Personal protective equipment serves an integral role in maintaining the safety of an athlete participating in a sport. The development and usage of protective gear in sports have evolved through time, and continues to advance over time.

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Written by Sangeetha Alwar

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