Stress has overpowered everyone today. People of all ages feel a significant amount of stress in their lives simply because of their lifestyle. In the last couple of years, studies have shown that about 72% individuals tend to go for a massage to relieve stress. However, there are a lot more reasons why you should go and get a massage soon. Some of them include:


1) Relieves sore muscles: Given the work-life of most individuals, there is a lot of postural stress. This stress is concentrated mostly in the neck and shoulder area. Thus, this leads to pain and weakness in the lower back area and the muscles around the region. Thus, by getting a massage done, the imbalance caused by sitting for long periods of time is significantly counteracted. Sore muscles are also eased as it improves circulation to a great extent. People who suffer from chronic back pain have said that massage therapy is as effective as any other methods of treatment.

2) Fights anxiety and improves sleep quality: Studies conducted on children and adults showed that people who suffered from anxiety and depression were found to be much more relaxed and significantly happy after a massage. It was so effective that patients who were diagnosed with cancer were significantly relieved and were less angry after frequent massages. Also, for those who had troubling sleeping, massage promotes relaxation and helps them sleep comfortably as well.

3) Immunity and cardiovascular health: Getting frequent massages from time to time boosts the white blood cell count which in turn boosts immunity. Apart from this, it also improves cardiovascular health according to research. This is done by controlling the blood pressure which prevents diseases such as kidney failure and stroke. It also promotes a healthy oxygen consumption by the body that makes sure that the heart remains healthy.


Thus, considering all the health benefits of a massage, here are some massages that are a must try:

1) Deep Tissue Massage: This kind of massage is targeted to the deeper layer of the muscles, fascia, and tendons. It is opted by those people who simply want a relaxation treatment. Though it is slightly expensive, it is perfect for those who suffer from painful and stiff muscles or even those who are recovering from an injury. Though right after the procedure there is some soreness, it quickly gives way to a feeling of calmness as the knotted muscles in the shoulder, back and neck regions are dealt with.

2) Stone Massage: Also called as hot stone massage, in this procedure, sanitized stones are heated to about 120 degrees. These stones are usually made of basalt and different sizes are used for the procedure. The hot stones are then massaged in spiral motions on your back, the length of the spine, between the toes and on the belly region. This process is done till the stones cool down. The main reason for this kind of a massage is to promote blood circulation in the body. It also helps maintain the electrical charge in your body according to massage therapists. This is a slightly less expensive massage and is perfect for those who experience blood pressure related health concerns.

3) Bamboo Massage: For those who deal with any concerns related to their muscles, bamboo massage is your best pick. Rather than using hands, the masseuse uses a bamboo cane and rolls it over the muscles with short strokes. This, in turn, helps release the tension in the muscles and eases knots as well. There are a lot of different modifications to the procedure depending on the pressure points and the strength of the therapist’s hands.

4) Thai Massage: This is a slightly more relaxing and energizing massage which improves your flexibility. In this massage, the therapist stretches your body to loosen the muscles. It is similar to Yoga but Yoga that is done with the help of someone. However, this is not suited for those people who are recovering from sports injuries or for those who are pregnant.


Thus, go get your first massage done at the closest center to you. It will truly help you unwind and calm all those muscles as well. If you are looking for a massage parlor in Raipur, you can find a few options here

Written by Pavithra Dennis

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