As modern as the world may be today, a visit to the gynecologist is still something that a lot of girls and women hesitate to go ahead with. It is often assumed that one must visit a gynecologist only if one is pregnant or dealing with any problems related to menstruation. However, on the contrary, visiting a gynecologist at regular intervals simply means that you are being responsible for your body and making sure that your reproductive system and health is perfect. Apart from this, visiting a gynecologist is also important for a lot of other reasons. If you are someone who hesitates to do so, here are some reasons why you should take a trip to a gynecologist at the earliest:


1) To understand your body: Since you are not any kind of a professional when it comes to the human body, it is only obvious that any change in your body is not very understandable to you. If you are dealing with any kind of changes such as a vaginal infection, most of the times, you would Google how to get rid of it. However, the internet will not give you the best possible advice because it is virtual. Thus, a doctor will find out exactly what is wrong, find the root cause of it and also explain to you how to get rid of it in the best way possible. Apart from this even if you are experiencing any kind of changes in your body, the gynecologist will help guide you about the same.

2) Guidance related to safe sex: Sex is not a topic that most people are comfortable talking about in the open. However, your gynecologist can help you with this. He/she will explain to you all about safe sex, any safety precautions that you will have to take in advance, birth control and prevention of any STDs in the long run. Thus, it is recommended by experienced doctors that a girl should start visiting the gynecologist anywhere between the ages of 15 to 17 so that the importance of safe sex is explained to them in medical terms.

3) Irregular periods: A common occurrence amongst most teenagers and young women is irregular periods. Given the current lifestyle and food habits of most girls, hormonal imbalance leads to irregular and quite often painful periods. Thus, it is extremely important to visit a gynecologist to make sure that your periods are regularized at the earliest. If you fail to do so, it may lead to disorders such as PCOS and eventually PCOD which is said to happen to one girl in every five girls according to statistics. Apart from this, if you experience excess pain, cramps, dizziness or excessive bleeding, it is a must to visit the gynecologist too.

4) Breast examination: As much as it may surprise a lot of people, breast examination at least once a year is extremely important. According to studies conducted, the death rate due to breast cancer over the last 20 years or so has drastically reduced by 34% ever since women started getting their breasts examined annually. This is of utmost importance to ensure that there are no lumps in the breast, especially malignant or cancerous in nature. Though it is recommended that women over the age of 40 should get their breast examined annually, those with a genetic history of breast cancer should get it checked out too.

5) Pregnancy: Last but not the least, if you have missed a period or if you are a married woman trying to conceive a baby, it is very important to visit your gynecologist at least once in a month or two. This is to keep track of your pelvic region, the uterus and to make sure that everything is healthy and normal. Scans, ultrasounds etc. are recommended to ensure the same.

Thus, waste no more time and get yourself examined to make sure that you are hale and healthy. If you are looking for a good gynecologist in Raipur, you can find a list of professionals that you can visit here:

Written by Pavithra Dennis

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