Winter is coming! Actually winter is here! What about your hair care? Have you found the right solutions to unnatural frizz and dryness? Have the split ends and breakages started worrying you already? Well, here’s a set of handy hair care tips that can help make sure your hair stays glowing and silky throughout winter. These tips can be followed right from home and will hardly take an extra ten minutes in your daily routine. Follow it to the point and stay happy with the amazing results. Some of the tips are:

Fighting dandruff:

Winters make your scalp go dry and itchy, and with little moisture in the air, the scalp will start getting flaky and extra dry, leading to dandruff. In order to take care of your hair in the winter, heat or warm up your hair oil and mix it with some lemon juice squeezed out of fresh lemon. Alternatively, you can choose to apply this lemon juice on your scalp first, rubbing it over and through your scalp, and then massage completely with the heated hair oil. This will help prevent your scalp from drying and thereby make sure that your scalp remains nourished and does not dry up. Making it difficult for dandruff to grow.

Controlling frizzy hair:

Winter is the time when there is too much static happening around you. From the pullovers and sweaters you wear to the scarves, caps and gloves, everything will cause static around you which in turn, leads to frizzy hair. When combing your hair, use a vented hair brush that has a combination of plastic and boar bristles. Wash your hair only with lukewarm water, not hot water, as the latter will further dry out your scalp. Apply a leave-in conditioner to keep hair smooth.


Ensuring shine and bounce:

In winters, with extra drying of the scalp and with frizz, your hair can tend to lose a lot of its shine and bounce. Brush out your hair to remove tangles and apply honey over the roots and hair. Cover up your hair in a shower cap or towel and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. This will help restore shine and bounce to dull damaged hair. This one treatment that you cannot miss when your aim is winter hair care.


Maintaining hair health:

Olive oil has always been known as beneficial for the health. But did you know that it is beneficial even when applied externally? Warm two teaspoons of olive oil and massage it slowly through your scalp. This slow massaging helps the oil penetrate deep into the roots. A warm olive oil massage will give your hair shine and remove dandruff and frizz, while also controlling hair breakage.

Drying your hair:

Winters are especially difficult for letting your hair get completely dry after a wash, but that definitely does not mean you can tie your hair up when it is still damp or wet. Hair that is not dried out properly can lead to a host of problems for your hair and scalp, especially so in the winters. So whether you take those extra minutes to use the hair dryer or whether you give yourself some extra time that allows you time to air-dry your hair naturally, it’s imperative you make sure it happens.



While conditioning your hair is extremely important in the winters to give it that extra moisture, one more thing you can do is add some of your conditioning hair oils to the conditioner. Choose oils that you are comfortable with, especially those that are non-greasy, and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.


Following these simple hair tips can make sure that you have lustrous and strong hair all through the though and cold winter months. These are simple and easy hacks to get parlor like hair on a daily basis! However, if you do wish to get exquisite treatment for you hair, then visit a parlor. You can find a list of good parlors on the QuickSearch website.


Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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