Yoga is a group of spiritual, mental and physical disciplines that is said to have originated during the Vedic period in India which is around the 5th and 6th centuries BC. Though Yoga is said to be a form of exercise, it is considered to be so much more. Yoga is said to have a deep spiritual and meditative core that is said to give the human body inner peace and tranquility. Some studies even suggest that Yoga is potent enough to help patients diagnosed with diseases such as asthma and schizophrenia. UNESCO, in 2016, listed Yoga as an Intangible cultural heritage.



Here is a list of reasons why including Yoga in your daily routine might be the best decision you have ever made:

  • Proper functioning of your organs: Practicing Yoga on a regular basis ensures that the organs in your body are functioning properly. Yoga increases blood circulation in the body, thus transporting the necessary nutrients and oxygen to all the organs. This in turn ensures that your organs become more immune to diseases and allergies. Circulation also modulates your blood pressure levels and pulse rate. People who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases and those who experience chronic pain in any part of their body are also said to find relief in yoga.
  • External benefits: Apart from your inner body being taken care of, Yoga also ensures that your external appearance is well maintained. Studies show that Yoga can help reverse the signs of ageing. It also provides consistent energy that the body needs, thus increasing your overall strength. Another very important benefit of Yoga is that it helps you control the posture of your body, making you look more confident. Since Yoga is said to increase metabolism in the body, it also helps break down the cellulite present, thus helping you keep your weight in check as well. Lastly, sleeping patterns is said to improve gradually with those who practice Yoga.
  • Mental Health: In today‚Äôs day and age, mental health has become a great concern. The constant pressures of family and work life makes it very hard for people to sit back and relax. In such a scenario, practicing yoga for about half an hour a day can have amazing results on your mood. Because of the strong mind and body connection during Yoga, helps lighten up your mood and also takes your attention away from the stress you may be facing. People who are dealing with anxiety or depression seek refuge in Yoga to help release all the negative energy through this form of exercise. According to recent studies conducted, Yoga is supposed to help with depression even better than anti-depressants! Thus, Yoga fills you with positive thoughts that make you a more confident, attentive, self-sufficient and positive person on the whole.
  • Body Chemistry: Not only does Yoga help keep your organs healthy, but also targets on the fundamental compounds and cells that are responsible for it. This includes maintaining the sodium and glucose levels in the body which can be unbalanced because of food habits. It also helps the body stimulate Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that helps boost immunity in the body. Apart from this, Yoga ensures proper working of the lymphatic system that works on toxins in the body. It also helps monitor the rate of production of RBCs which is responsible for a healthy circulatory system.
  • Diseases: Though practicing Yoga on a regular basis does not guarantee the curing of diseases, studies show that some diseases can be controlled or significantly helped with. One of the most common diseases that Yoga helps with is Asthma. The yoga poses as well as the gentle pressure applied on joints are said to provide considerable relief to patients diagnosed with diseases that involve bone and muscle health such as arthritis and muscular dystrophy. It is also said to help with diseases such as epilepsy, scoliosis, obsessive compulsive disorder and constipation. Women who are experiencing menopause can also practice Yoga to control some of the side effects that they experience.

Thus, Yoga can easily be a game changer for all of you out there. Start today, and start now. For those of you looking to find a Yoga centre in Raipur, you can check these places out.

Written by Pavithra Dennis

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