Watches are a very important part of our life. It helps one in organizing his/her day. Selecting a watch is actually a very personal decision, but there are a lot of people who get confused while buying a watch and this article is for helping them select the right watch.
  1. Determine why you want a watch.

It is a very stupid question, but before buying a watch ask yourself why you want a watch. Do you want to know what time of the day it is? Perhaps you want to impress your friends and family? Perhaps you want to collect a timepiece that is indicative of an era or person? Perhaps you have simply reached a point in life where you want to reward yourself for all your merits?

These are the most common reasons for getting a watch.

  1. Ask yourself what type of a person you are.

As in, “What do you most value?” There are no right answers, but it is important to know if a watch brand name is of the utmost importance to you. Perhaps it is the design you are looking for that is paramount to a “big name.” Alternatively, there are those who are drawn to more boutique brand watches whose name or style is uncommon. If you are looking to show off to people, then perhaps it is wise to go with a watch made by a known brand. Buying a watch strictly for personal pleasure? Then the unique elements of the brands’ values, as well as how much the design speaks to you, will outweigh all other considerations.

  1. Types of watches to look at:

There are no shortage of watch styles, names, designs, sizes, colors, and materials out there. But, in a nutshell, watches are placed into a few major categories.

Classic watches:

The most traditional types of watches are often known as “dress” watches, or perhaps, “classic” watches. These are going to be much more conservative in their design and look best with formal attire. Though, depending upon the watch, you can certainly dress them down.

Sport watches:

The term “sport watch” does not mean it is necessarily made to be active with, but it’s rather a descriptor of the design and style theme. Having said that, most sport watches should put up with more abuse than traditional dresses watch. That is because they tend to have thicker cases, more robust crystals, and sometimes movements with added protection.

The most versatile models tend to have vintage-style or traditional designs. Perhaps the best example is the Rolex Submariner. Originally a stalwart diving watch, it has transcended that role and can today be just as easily worn with a suit and tie. We prefer a nice mechanical sports watch, but strictly speaking, if you want something durable that will last for years, and with lots of features, your best bet is a Casio G-Shock or ProTrek. They aren’t in the “fine watch” category, but it shouldn’t be a headache to get one if you just want a good camping or hiking watch.

Complicated watches:

These can be formal or sporty in nature, but what makes these watches different in their focus on highly complicated (ideally mechanical movements). These are the real watch aficionado pieces and act to perpetuate the tradition of fine watchmaking that is currently mostly out of Switzerland. This is what collectors seek today and are among the pinnacle pieces of modern horology.

Art/Design watches:

It is difficult to define this category because by nature they are all different. The idea here is that these are time pieces which emphasize a designer’s aesthetic values mixed with functionality. It is true that many watches emphasize art and aesthetic design over the functionality of the watch as a tool, but art watches focus on the concept that a watch is used as an artistic palette. Timepieces in this category can be both traditional or extremely modern, and often have the effect of being extremely polarizing. That means people tend to love them or hate them. If you are the type of person who like to “wear design,” then art or design watches might be right for you.

  1. How much to spend:

Watches should not be thought of as financial investments. While it is possible to purchase watches that will retain or even possibly increase in value… those instances are the exception and not the rule. Timepieces are like cars, and in most instances they depreciate after you buy them. Collectors also know that they buy watches for emotional purposes. Watches are a hobby and a source of enjoyment. If you are the type of person who is interested in owning watches that you can later sell for a profit then in most instances you have to initially invest a huge amount of money in the first place. This is really important to express because in the commercial universe most things aren’t going to increase in value after you purchase them, and the same applies to most timepieces. What you should be looking for is value for your money. If you want to buy a decent mechanical watch it is going to cost you about Rs. 10000 at the lower end.

  1. How to make a final decision:

This is my favorite part because it involves a weighing of values and time. What happens when you are hunting for a new watch? You tend to find a few potential targets. Often times you are able to boil it down to just two or three pieces that are similar or of a similar price range and then you feel stuck. The method I am about to explain is one that I’ve used myself and recommend to friends. It does help when trying to make that final decision. It is intended to test your gut feelings as well as what watch designs your eyes can actually live with. You begin by taking your list of finalist watches and giving them a nice long, hard look. Really make sure you check out each detail and understand what the watch is all about. The image of the watch should be engrained in your brain. Then, force yourself not to look at the watches of pictures of them for one to two weeks. During that time you need look at other watches. Lots of other watches. Go over watches that didn’t make the cut and just keep searching around. The point isn’t to necessarily find other options, but to once again explore the other watches you considered and then some. What you are doing is measuring for lasting quality and not just novel appeal. There are going to be many watches that at first glance appear amazing. Only to look terrible or less than exciting a few days or months later. They simply have merely ephemeral designs. What you are looking for is the type of watch you’ll enjoy for a long time.


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Written by Taarini Chandramouli

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