Bags are our best friend when we are out – they put up with all the wear and tear we put them through, carry all our stuff without complaint and fetch us abundant compliments! As much as a handbag can enhance an outfit and really define your style, it can also break your look. The wrong bag can draw eye to areas you’re self-conscious about and make you look bigger/smaller and even ruin your signature image!
So it’s super important to thoroughly think about what bag styles complement your personal style, to make sure you have a bag-collection that you love! Your handbag needs to be just right- super fashionable and functional!


We’ve put together a few tips to shop for bags during this season :


Before splurging, assess your current arsenal of bags. We like to categorize our bags into these essential categories :
Tote bag: A tote bag is the best option for when you go shopping with your friends or to run errands. It’s big enough to carry stuff, practical and the shape is just right for everything you need to put into it.



Basic bag: A basic handbag either with the long strap or short handles is a must for all trendy divas. It’s great to splurge on one statement bag in this category.

trendy        trendy2        trendy3


Clutch bag: A clutch can take a little black dress or casual outfit from drab to fab! It’s a good idea to indulge a little when it comes to clutches because a unique pattern, print or design will earn it arm candy status.

clutch2              clutch3


Sling Bag: Sling bags are fun little companions for those days when you’re out for a movie date or a coffee with your girlfriends or just a day of pampering at your local spa. It’s small enough not to weigh you down but big enough for you to carry your phone, your cards, money and your favourite lipstick.

sling2      sling            sling3



A tip is to secure at least one quality bag for each of your daily activities (work, casual evenings, traveling, parties, etc.) in neutral, versatile colors. Black and brown go with everything! That said, so do metallics, skins, and shades of white. This ensures that you can match them with the rest of your wardrobe without having to think twice about if the colors and style clash with the outfit.

metallic                 white


When looking for that perfect investment bag it is crucial to search for quality. Buy the best quality you can. This is a piece that you will be carrying around to a slew of events and you don’t want to settle for anything less then amazing quality.
You can also go for Leather as it is a great fabric that ages so well. It is an amazing choice for an investment bag. You can have this piece for years and it will only get better and better, need we say more?

leather2                         leather



Before making that final purchase, do check for the following:
-Turn the bag inside out to see how the interior is constructed. A truly well made bag should be as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

-Pay close attention to exterior stitching and seams as well. Turn the bag upside down, and check if the seams are well stitched.

-Take out all the stuffing and put your own wallet and make up bag inside for the following tests: How does it hold up filled with your things? Is it easy to open and to access your wallet without your business spilling all over the sidewalk? If there are interior cell phone pockets, see if yours fit and if the wall of the bag collapses when the phone is in the pocket. How heavy is it?

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Have you ever thought that the shape and length of your evening bag can affect your silhouette?
If You Have…

Full/Wide Upper Half

Select bags that widen and add width to your lower body (hips and thighs). So choose a handbag that finishes off at below hipbone level.

For Instance:  Cross body bags, messenger bags. Preferably with some details to add fullness around your hips.

      5                1.2

Full/Wide Hips and Legs
If you have a full or curvy lower bottom (hips, thighs), then you’re likely a Pear or Hourglass.
Look for handbags that visually add volume around your upper body part. So opt for a bag style that finishes off around your upper bust and midsection.

For Instance: Leather shoulder bags at mid-riff length, or longer bags but with narrow bodies.

2              2.1

Straight Hip/Waist Figure
Add volume and dimensions to your frame (add curves around the hips) but if you’re skinny avoid overdoing it with really oversized bags as they’ll only make your frame obviously smaller.
So look for broad and unstructured handbags with details like tassels, fringes, straps, studs, etc. Think slouch and hobo.

For Instance: Studded motorcycle bags, metallic and shiny patent materials, cross body bags at hip length to create curves.

3     3.1               3.2

Full/Curvy/Plus-size Figure
Go for bigger bags (medium if you’re Petite), preferably solid-colored and with vertical details to draw the eye up and down. Avoid carrying small bags as this will only emphasize your full-figure shape.

For Instance: Oversized handbags, big leather tote bags.

4              4.1

Short/Petite Frame
You need a bag scaled to your body size and height, so avoid humongous bag sizes unless you want to look shorter and smaller. If you’re a Plus size, opt for medium-scaled bags, but look for details and shapes that are slimming.
In general, look for handbags and purses with a long strap to help create a long, lean line on your frame. Do pick a bag with a vertical shaped bag to help elongate your body frame.

For Instance: Bags with narrow bodies, details that run at a vertical line.

5          5.1

Written by Sukanya Kapoor

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